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Archive for January, 2018

Green Cleaning trends in 2018.

Top 3 Commercial Cleaning Trends in 2018

There’s a recent GEICO ad featuring an anthropomorphized robot vacuum complaining about its limited role in the world. “All I do is suck up dirt,” says the vacuum. It’s a morose, monotonous life for the machine. The takeaway is supposed to be that GEICO does more than one thing (car insurance, in this case). The contrast works – sure, a vacuum really does just have one role – but it’s interesting that the marketing people responsible for the ad identified cleaning as a static field when dreaming up the comparison. In fact, it’s somewhat indicative of the overall tendency of…

Green Cleaning in Baltimore, MD

Choosing Green Cleaning in Baltimore

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning services, you’ve probably at least been exposed to the term “green cleaning.” You may not know exactly what that entails, though. Does green cleaning simply mean using “green” products? Is green cleaning just a buzzword? What does green cleaning in Baltimore look like today? The unfortunate truth is that the meaning of the term “green cleaning” has become a bit obscure and ambiguous. The consequence of that obscurity is this: there are commercial cleaning companies that say they practice green cleaning in Baltimore, but don’t live up to the green cleaning standards. It makes sense;…