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day porter cleaning in commercial building setting

Why Your Business Needs a Day Porter

Let’s face it – most commercial buildings can get messy fast. We’ve all seen sticky spills, busy lobbies, fast-filling trash bins, messy break rooms, and post-storm debris. These are just a few of a myriad of issues that can occur during the day in any work environment. Keeping up with all the activities can be a challenge, to say the least. That’s where a day porter comes in. From sweeping leaves to mopping up spills, an experienced porter can handle it all. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep up with cleaning problems, a day porter might be…

Project Management System

4 Tangible Benefits of Performance Management

It’s hard to improve in something if you don’t have data on the quality of your performance. Without data, we can’t identify our strengths and weaknesses, and that means we may not know how to work to get better. This is why schools have tests – they reveal what students need to work on. It’s part of why sports leagues track stats – so athletes can focus on the skills they need help with. It’s why businesses conduct performance reviews – so employees can understand where they should continue to grow. Commercial cleaning is no different. To do it effectively,…

Employee Spotlight: Vonderlier Johnson

The pandemic created difficulties for just about everyone last year. But for Vonderlier “Cookie” Johnson, it also created an opportunity. As the world began shutting down, the demand for cleaning began to pick up. The frequency and intensity of cleaning programs increased as everyone focused on maintaining healthy environments. For cleaning companies, that meant fuller schedules – which, in turn, meant asking for additional commitments from employees or hiring new employees to fill new needs. Vonderlier stepped up to the plate. “They were looking for someone to do enhanced cleaning when Covid started,” Vonderlier explains, “and I said, ‘I can do it.’”…

5 Factors That Set a Cleaning Service Apart

There are many commercial cleaning services to choose from. How can you choose the right provider for your needs? Let’s take a look at five factors that set a commercial cleaning service apart. 1. Communication. You may not think of communication when you think of commercial cleaning – but cleaning is ultimately a service, and all effective services are based on effective communications. High-quality communications make cleaning higher quality, too. Commercial cleaning services that communicate well set clear specifications. Communications will shape the terms of your cleaning engagement. Companies that focus on communications will dig in to understand your needs…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Roxanne Miller, Project Management

When Roxanne Miller started working as a part-time cleaner with The Wilburn Company while in college, she expected that the job would be temporary. “I was just looking for a little bit of extra income to pay for college and pay the bills,” she says. She found it, but she found more, too. Wilburn’s hours worked nicely with her full-time school schedule, and Miller found that she enjoyed the work and its outcomes – even after she graduated and moved into a full-time job at another company. “At Wilburn, I ended up making more than I did at my day…

4 COVID-19 Updates as We Keep Cleaning for Health

As we move deeper into summer, we’re seeing progress in the fight against COVID-19. At The Wilburn Company, we’re doing all we can to continue serving our clients well throughout the different stages of this pandemic – and we’re grateful to see many of our buildings reopening to occupants. One component of serving our clients is providing up-to-date information; unsurprisingly, most of the cleaning questions we get these days are COVID-related. To that end, here are four updates for this month on the COVID-19 situation. As always, consult CDC guidelines for additional information – and if you have questions on…

How We’re Preparing Buildings to Reopen

During this pandemic, most of the country has been working from home. But, as summer approaches, businesses are getting ready to come back to work. This will take strategy and teamwork to do safely. At The Wilburn Company, those are two things we’re deeply familiar with. We’ve been keeping buildings clean and safe for decades – including during the last few months. As the world moves toward reopening, we’re well prepared to take our efforts to the next level to keep people healthy. With that in mind, here’s how we’ve approached cleaning in the time of coronavirus – and how…

Post Coronavirus: An Overview of Effective Disinfecting Procedures

As we navigate the coronavirus situation, there is a lot of uncertainty and tragedy. But there are also glimmers of hope as we move forward together. One small benefit that’s come about in the midst of the crisis has been the improved public perception of front-line workers – including cleaners (or, as we call them, environmental hygienists). In facilities that must stay open, cleanliness is crucial.  The Wilburn Company has long proclaimed the value of our employees, but it’s very gratifying to see their very important work being newly appreciated and valued by the public! Today, there’s simply no denying…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Mandel Foster, Building Supervisor

Mandel Foster has been with The Wilburn Company for over 20 years. It’s an impressive service record, even if, he acknowledges with a wry chuckle, it points to the fact that he’s not as young as he used to be. “When I was younger,” Mandel says, “I used to be able to handle anything. I could just grit my teeth and push through it.” He laughs. “Your body slows down a little when you get older, but I still do okay.” As a young man, Foster pushed through a lot of things, often to impressive results. A Background in Hard…

Green Trees from green cleaning

What Are Green Cleaning Procedures?

Green cleaning is more than a buzzword. It’s a fundamental approach that’s reshaping the commercial cleaning industry around a new set of standards. It’s a focus that puts people’s safety first. And, increasingly, it’s an essential aspect of any successful cleaning company. At The Wilburn Company, we’ve spent decades cleaning millions of square feet in D.C., Baltimore, and throughout the Maryland region. Over that time, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a few cleaning trends come and go. Green cleaning is not a passing trend. It’s here to stay. Yet, while green cleaning is increasingly recognized as an integral focus…

janitorial services

The Most Important Areas to Clean in Your Office and Why

There’s nothing better than having a freshly cleaned office. It smells nice, looks great, and even better, it fosters productivity and contentment among employees. And while every area of your office should be cleaned well, some areas are more important to deep clean than others in terms of the spread of disease and employee/customer satisfaction. The most commonly used spaces foster a greater spread of germs, due to more community interaction. Other areas of your office are important to sanitize due to the presence of consumables or fecal matter. Here are the areas of your office that you need to…

facility management solutions

The Cleaning Checklist Your Office Needs

Every office has unique needs when it comes to maintaining a high state of cleanliness. But there are some tasks that every office requires. This checklist walks you through the basics of facility management solutions—without the tasks on this list, your office is neither clean nor sanitary. While some tasks can be completed in the moment by your employees, others are best left to the professionals. These include sanitization, deep cleaning, community space cleaning, and polishing. Think of your facility management solutions as the big guns- we come in to provide your office with a level of clean that just…

building cleaning company

How Commercial Cleaning Makes Your Employees More Productive

A business relies on its employees for growth. Without productive and efficient employees, your business will start to stagnate, falter, and fail. But encouraging productivity in your workplace isn’t as simple as it sounds. One way to motivate your employees is to invest in a building cleaning company. A clean office fosters productivity, happy employees, and a sense of pride and community. Here’s how. Clean Workspace Imagine: you come to work to find your desk covered with crumbs from when your coworker was eating a sandwich and came over to ask a question. The top of your computer has a…

The State of Recycling, the Role of Cleaners & Why It All Matters

Recycling in the United States has been a fact of life for over 50 years – but in the past year the status quo has shifted. By raising the standards for acceptable materials to less than 0.5% of contamination in 2018, China (which had previously processed around a quarter of the world’s plastic) effectively threw a wrench in the processes of programs worldwide and stateside. The result has been a proliferation of high-profile coverage proclaiming “chaos” in the recycling industry. But perhaps even more harmful than the shift in logistics has been the accompanying shift in public perception. “A crisis…

The Importance of Employee Recognition

At The Wilburn Company, we believe that our people are our greatest strength. We have a great team, and we’re proud of the good work that our employees do every day to keep buildings safe and healthy through effective cleaning. Sometimes, though, our employees go above and beyond our already-high expectations. To honor this, we’re intentional in recognizing our employees, with the hope that, in turn, they’re empowered to continue going above and beyond. Let’s take a look at a recent noteworthy event worth to illustrate how employee recognition plays out at our company. Action Worth Recognizing On the evening…

Why We Hire Veterans

At The Wilburn Company, we’re honored to employ the men and women who serve our country’s military. Our pride in veterans has always been a core piece of who we are. In fact, our founder, Jim Wilburn, was an Air Force veteran. Jim joined the Air Force in 1962, serving in Turkey, Okinawa, Fort Meade, and the Pentagon over a 20-year career before retiring in 1982. During his military career, he took a second job mopping floors on a night shift, and after retiring he went into janitorial work full time before founding The Wilburn Company in 1998. We know…

building cleaning services

What You Need in Building Cleaning Services

When you own a commercial building, maintaining a clean environment is a necessity to keep your tenants happy. Without consistent and high-quality cleanings, you could wind up dealing with costly issues like mold, bacteria growth, and an unhealthy environment. High-quality building cleaning services has other benefits besides just a clean environment. A well-trained staff can keep you updated on small maintenance issues created by general wear and tear before they become serious issues. Not every company that provides building cleaning services is equal. When you’re searching for the best in building cleaning services, look for these five qualities. Reliability The…

facility cleaning solutions

5 Facility Cleaning Solutions You Need

Every facility is unique, from the layout, to the building materials, to the tenants. No matter what, you deserve facility cleaning solutions tailored to your building. For example, if there’s a lot of glass walls and windows in your building, skipping out on glass cleaning would be a bad idea. But if you’re a government facility, you can’t let just any old cleaning team through your doors. Differences make the world unique, but it can also make it challenging to find the right facility cleaning solutions for you. If you’re having a hard time deciding what cleaning services you need,…

emergency cleaning company

What to Expect from an Emergency Cleaning Company

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Vandals. Burst Pipes. Emergencies take all forms and can run the gamut from a burst pipe to a graffitied office. Unfortunately, what every emergency has in common is the toll it takes on your space and your employees morale. In the event a significant emergency occurs in your office, sometimes the first step to getting everyone back on track is to get your workspace back to normal. When you have to use an emergency cleaning company, here are five things you should look for. Prompt Service Emergencies typically don’t occur at a snail’s pace. Instead, an emergency can…

commercial cleaning company

How to Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company in DC

When you’re shopping for a commercial cleaning company in DC, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many choices, each one seems to have its own strengths, weaknesses, pros and cons. At the Wilburn Company, we think that there are five strengths that help us to stand out from the crowd. Whether or not you choose us for your commercial cleaning company, you might want to consider these 5 characteristics when deciding on your next cleaning service. Customizable Cleaning Services Every business is unique with different needs, layout, and staff. When choosing a commercial cleaning company, make sure you…