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9,000,000+ sq ft
Cleaning over
every day
10,000,000+ sq ft

Executive Bios

Facility Security Officer/CSSO/ITPSO – Amanda Dieterich

Project Manager – Terry Pearce

Terry manages over 2.5 million square feet of secure commercial properties. Her 20 plus years of experience managing & delivering cleaning services to these locations has solidified her reputation to meet client’s needs & goals each and every time. Many of her clients know that their cleaning needs are just a phone call to her away from being solved. The teams she has developed over the years are highly motivated & trained, and excel on some of the toughest job environments. She is a trusted partner with the federal government and works in very demanding secure environments. These areas many times come with short notices, for execution of services as well as, narrow windows of access that require efficient use of labor and equipment. These teams she has at her disposal are ready at a moments notice to mobilize at any location to deploy emergency services or just routine maintenance of flooring/restoration/cleaning.

Project Manager – Roxanne Miller

Roxanne is a well-respected staff member at The Wilburn Company. Her 15 year growth from a front line employee to her current position of site Project Manager demonstrates the confidence she holds from The Wilburn Company’s leadership. The assignment of supporting 95 different locations is from a level of confidence she has with her clients. Her leadership model has developed reliable staff workers that are client focused, and GS-42 trained. She is trusted by the Federal Government to deliver services in secure environments. Roxanne’s specialized training on hard surface floor cleaning, unique wall surfaces cleaning, and carpet & fabric care make her a valued Wilburn Project Manager.