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Executive Bios

Chad Conrad

Senior Director of Client Services

Chad currrently serves as Senior Director of Client Services and oversees our Performance Management Platform. 

Chad comes to us with a background in Facility and Property Management, where he has a keen eye for the daily operations of our business.

Starting at Wilburn in 2019 as the Director of Performance Management, he helped form and lead our Quality Control program, which includes all building inspections, safety, and GS42 training.  Additionally, Chad is responsible for strengthening our partnerships through relationship building and providing ongoing solutions.  He also oversees and manages our GS42 Green Seal Program within our portfolios. 

In his spare time, Chad is an avid long-distance marathon runner. He has competed in over 20 Marathons, half marathons, and many 10k and 5k races. He was inducted into the Marine Corps Marathon Runners Club, recognizing a runner’s consecutive number of Marine Corps Marathons and support to the Foundation.

Kevin Bull


Kevin is a recent addition to The Wilburn Company and is very excited to be part of an energetic and professional organization.

As Controller of The Wilburn Company Kevin is responsible for the finance and administration functions. Kevin has nearly 35 years of experience as a CPA.

Concentrating on managing the day-to-day operations, financial reporting, and regulatory requirements of the entity.

He is also a huge proponent of using technology to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data to allow employees to concentrate on client services.

During his spare time Kevin loves to travel and is a big NCAA lacrosse fan.

Gerald Moncada

Senior Project Manager (Uncleared Properties)

Gerald Moncada is no stranger to the Janitorial industry. Coming from the custodial supply industry, where he worked for 17 years in many different fields. Gerald went from store manager to director of operations and finally as a senior sales manager.  He joined the Wilburn Company in May of 2021 as a project manager where he managed 1 million square feet of commercial building space. Now Gerald is a senior project manager, over seeing more than 5 million square feet of commercial building space.

Born in Peru he is fluent in Spanish and English. He attended Montgomery college where he got his associate degree in international business. In his spare time, Gerald enjoys being with his family and traveling.

Gerald continues to strive in everything he does and we are so happy he is part of the Wilburn family.

Roxanne Miller

Senior Project Manager (Cleared Properties)

Roxanne is a well-respected staff member at The Wilburn Company. Her 20 year growth from a front line employee to her current position of site Senior Project Manager demonstrates the confidence she holds from The Wilburn Company’s leadership. The assignment of supporting 95 different locations and over 5 million sq ft is from a level of confidence she has with her clients.

Her leadership model has developed reliable staff workers that are client focused, and GS-42 trained. She is trusted by the Federal Government to deliver services in secure environments. Roxanne’s specialized training on hard surface floor cleaning, unique wall surfaces cleaning, and carpet & fabric care make her a valued Wilburn Project Manager.

In her personal time, Roxanne enjoys spending time with family and visiting relatives in Maine

Ashley Knight

Facility Security Officer

Ashley Knight is a solution oriented professional with nearly a decade of personnel and industrial security experience supporting a wide range of agencies within the federal industry, including DoD and the IC. Over the years, Ashley has worked with several companies seeking to optimize the overall operations of active and upcoming programs.

Ashley began her career working with the government, where she consulted on high priority programs and advised some of the highest ranking service members and civilians on their complex regulations surrounding the safety and security of program related personnel. As a professional, Ashley excels at developing federal programs and tools to operate at their highest potential which results in A+ customer satisfaction. Maintaining an innovative mindset has allowed her to plan, formulate, direct, and supervise the operations of multiple departments and consultants.

Tracey Brown

Human Resources Manager

Tracey is an Honors graduate from Strayer University. For the last decade she has worked as a human resources manager and had been in charge of successfully recruiting and bringing onboard numerous applicants who have contributed to our company’s growth and innovation. She currently works on implementing various initiatives to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity;  such as training, wellness programs, and feedback surveys.

Tracey is deeply passionate about her role as a human resources leader.  She strivse to create a positive and inclusive work culture and uses her passion, creativity and eagerness to learn new things and connect with other professionals in the human resources field so that she might transform the workplace.

Tracey is an active member of her church and focuses her personal time on giving back to our community

Jimmy Wilburn

C.E.O and President

As a 2nd generation owner, Jimmy has been with the company since day 1.  He has been involved in every aspect of the business, from frontline operations to our accounting functions to managing the Senior Team.  With a strong background in financial planning, program management, HR processes and all functions of janitorial operations, Jimmy has lead the exponential growth of TWC since taking on the C.E.O. role.

Jimmy’s mantra continues to be for TWC to focus on our cherished customers and employees while continuing to progress our company and achieve our goals.

In his personal time, Jimmy enjoys traveling, golfing and spending time with his family and pets.

Casey Payne

Chief Operating Officer

Casey Payne is our Chief Operating Officer and responsible for all daily function of the company as well as our customer retention, growth and employee satisfaction. 

Prior to his tenure with The Wilburn Company, Casey spent over 20 years on the custodial supply side of the business, both in sales and leadership roles.  His focus has always been on relationship building, process improvement and proving clients with an extraordinary customer experience every day. 

Casey brings creative solutions to TWC that are helping shape the future of the company while honoring it’s past.  His main goal is focus on our key clients while implementing strategies for controlled growth.

In his spare time, Casey enjoys traveling with his family and focusing on fitness.