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Employee Spotlight: Tammy Hawkins – Rising Through the Ranks

Meet Tammy, a dedicated member of the Wilburn team for nearly a decade. Starting her journey as a janitorial cleaner, Tammy has consistently impressed with her strong work ethic and commitment to providing exceptional service. 

Now, after almost nine years of providing top-notch cleaning services, she’s taking on an exciting new challenge as part of Wilburn’s administrative support team. Tammy’s journey is a testament to Wilburn’s dedication to fostering a supportive environment where employees can learn, grow, and advance their careers. 

9 Years and Counting: Why Tammy Found a Career Home at Wilburn

Tammy’s path at Wilburn began nearly a decade ago. Drawn to the company’s reputation and the opportunity for a fresh start, she joined the team as a janitorial cleaner. Tammy immediately embraced the chance to learn new skills and contribute to Wilburn’s commitment to providing exceptional client service. 

As she explains, “I’ve grown. I went from being on the uncleared side, working really hard to get my clearance.” The supportive environment at Wilburn nurtured Tammy’s desire to continuously improve and seek out new challenges. It was clear from the start that this was more than just a job for Tammy; it was a chance to build a rewarding career within a company that recognized her potential.

A Promotion Fueled by Dedication and Opportunity 

Wilburn takes a proactive approach to recognizing and nurturing internal talent. So when a position opened up within the administrative support team, Tammy’s manager saw it as a perfect opportunity for her to further her career. While the transition meant stepping away from the hands-on aspects of cleaning, Tammy’s years of experience proved invaluable in her new role. Her time on the front lines gave her a deep understanding of the day-to-day realities of the cleaning staff. 

Because of her experience, she can easily bridge the gap between field operations and administrative functions. Tammy’s insights ensure smoother communication, more effective problem-solving, and a stronger sense of unity within the company.

Cultivating Growth and Fostering Family at Wilburn

What truly sets Wilburn apart is its unwavering commitment to creating a work environment that feels like a family. Tammy describes the close-knit dynamic: “It’s very family-oriented, too. Everybody within the company is very close; it’s like a family. We are not just coworkers.” 

This sense of community extends beyond casual lunches or after-work gatherings. Tammy and her colleagues support each other’s personal milestones as well, going to the dinner, or kids’ birthday parties. This dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment is a key factor in Wilburn’s success. 

By investing in its employees’ personal and professional growth, the company creates a team that’s deeply engaged, motivated, and dedicated to upholding Wilburn’s values.

Cheers to Tammy and Her Continued Growth at Wilburn

As Tammy embarks on this exciting new chapter in her career at Wilburn, her enthusiasm is contagious. “It’s going to be a fun experience to learn how behind-the-scenes work – the steps and the processes,” she says. “And to just get to know everybody in the office as well.” Tammy’s journey from a member of the cleaning team to her new position in administrative support embodies the heart of the Wilburn difference. It’s a company that recognizes potential, nurtures talent, and empowers employees to chart their own courses for growth.

The entire Wilburn family is grateful to Tammy for her years of dedication, her positive spirit, and her unwavering commitment to the company’s success. We wish her the very best in her new role and look forward to seeing her continued growth within the Wilburn family.
Are you looking for a company that values its employees, encourages professional development, and offers a true sense of belonging? Explore the career opportunities available at Wilburn and discover a workplace that feels like home.