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Custodial Careers in the mid-Atlantic Region

All custodial positions at The Wilburn Company require each applicant to undergo strict indoctrination training. This training includes topics on Green Cleaning, The Wilburn Company skills training, ethics training, and all OSHA safety training.

Learn more about our custodial training program.

Green Cleaning

As a GS-42 Green Cleaning Certified Company, we take seriously the environmental consequence of traditional cleaning practices. Accordingly, all Wilburn employees are thoroughly trained in green cleaning techniques according to Green Seal guidelines. Learn more about our Green Seal Cleaning Services.

Employee Growth

The Wilburn Company’s internal growth and promotion program supports our client’s needs first while focusing on the employee’s continued training and education second. The extra training regime will augment the initial basic skills training and will focus more on specialized skills for the ambitious workers striding toward other more demanding responsibilities within the company.

The Wilburn Company’s training and retention program is one of the reasons why we can deliver constancy and quality across our service portfolio.

Pursue a Career with The Wilburn Company

A career with The Wilburn Company means providing the highest quality cleaning services to clients across the mid-Atlantic area. If you’re interested in becoming a member of our team, contact our HR Manager at [email protected].