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9,000,000+ sq ft
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Meet the Wilburn Company: Mandel Foster, Building Supervisor

Mandel Foster has been with The Wilburn Company for over 20 years. It’s an impressive service record, even if, he acknowledges with a wry chuckle, it points to the fact that he’s not as young as he used to be. “When I was younger,” Mandel says, “I used to be able to handle anything. I could just grit my teeth and push through it.” He laughs. “Your body slows down a little when you get older, but I still do okay.” As a young man, Foster pushed through a lot of things, often to impressive results. A Background in Hard…

What is Deep Office Cleaning?

Deep office cleaning refers to thorough cleaning procedures that sanitize the parts of a facility that aren’t frequently cleaned. It may also include specialized services, like stripping and waxing floors, machine-washing ceramic tiles, or spot cleaning carpets. Essentially, deep cleaning is the kind of approach you might take at home during “spring cleaning.” You pay special attention to getting areas you normally wouldn’t and are extra thorough in everything; your goal is to get your space to its cleanliest. In deep commercial cleaning for offices, the same principles apply. Let’s take a look at what sets deep office cleaning apart…

Green Trees from green cleaning

What Are Green Cleaning Procedures?

Green cleaning is more than a buzzword. It’s a fundamental approach that’s reshaping the commercial cleaning industry around a new set of standards. It’s a focus that puts people’s safety first. And, increasingly, it’s an essential aspect of any successful cleaning company. At The Wilburn Company, we’ve spent decades cleaning millions of square feet in D.C., Baltimore, and throughout the Maryland region. Over that time, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a few cleaning trends come and go. Green cleaning is not a passing trend. It’s here to stay. Yet, while green cleaning is increasingly recognized as an integral focus…

Big Changes and Big Results: The Year in Review

It’s been a big year. While we’re driven toward innovation at The Wilburn Company, we also acknowledge that, in order to maintain a clear perspective, it’s important to have times for reflection, too. This – the end of the year and of the decade – is one of those times. Our team has accomplished a lot over the previous 12 months; it’s worthwhile to recognize and celebrate those accomplishments. To that end, here are some of the highlights from the course of the year. 1. We reorganized for increased effectiveness. We began this year by recognizing the need for focus.…

Are Commercial Janitorial Services Different from Commercial Cleaning?

Who doesn’t love a good Matt Damon movie? One of his most famous is Goodwill Hunting. The movie focuses on a janitor who works at a college for a living. One day after classes are let out, he cracks a mathematical equation that was considered unsolvable. From that point on the movie shifts. Someone who was once viewed as a “lowly janitor” now has a world of opportunities opened in front of him. It’s a great movie, winning several Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Critics’ Choice awards. But it’s also a good example of how the public views a commercial…

commercial cleaning services

What Services Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Provide?

A commercial cleaning company does much more than just empty the trashcans and wipe down your kitchen. While these are important pieces of what we do, the Wilburn Company offers much more than just basic custodial services. At the Wilburn Company, we go above and beyond your every day clean and offer customized solutions for every situation. Keep reading to learn more about the full range of commercial cleaning services we provide. Commercial Custodial Services Let’s start with the basics. Our environmental hygienists perform a wide variety of tasks that maintain a sanitary workplace. These include vacuuming carpets, dusting, sweeping,…

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Commercial cleaning services cost from $.05 to $.25 per square foot. Premium services (deep cleaning, add-ons like floor waxing, or specialty services for healthcare or highly secure facilities) may cost $0.50 per square foot. Obviously, these square-footage costs vary widely depending on the size of the facility and the scope of services delivered. Here’s how they translate as cumulative costs at commercial buildings of various sizes and service levels: Sq. Footage     Minimum Service    High Service    Premium Service    ($0.05 per square foot)    ($0.25 per square foot)    ($0.50 per square foot)    8,000 $400 $2,000…

hiring employees

How We Approach Hiring

We believe that the excellence of our employees gives us an advantage in the cleaning services market. Our people are friendly, expert, and helpful. Thanks to them, we can provide premiere services that are more than commodities and play a major role in maintaining buildings and keeping the occupants healthy and safe. We’re grateful for our employees. Accordingly, as we’ve written before, we focus on equipping them to succeed through comprehensive training (both in onboarding and over time). And we intentionally honor our employees with special recognition for jobs done well. These two approaches (training and recognition) are critical in…

commercial cleaning supplies

What are the Most Common Commercial Cleaning Supplies?

To many people, cleaning products are interchangeable and indistinguishable. But when it comes to commercial cleaning supplies, there are some staples that we just can’t live without. At the Wilburn Company, we do our best to use green cleaning supplies that are good for our employees, clients, and the environment. This allows us to offer high-quality cleaning services while reducing the presence of harmful toxins. Because of this, you’ll notice that our list of commercial cleaning supplies incorporates green or reusable versions of the most common tools. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common commercial…

commercial cleaning

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is quite different from residential cleaning. The square footage is larger, the stakes are higher, and expectations are quite different from when you’re caring for your own home. If you’re a new building or business owner, commercial cleaning may not be at the top of your mind until you’re the one left to disinfect several thousand square feet. It’s important to understand that commercial cleaning can make a huge difference in tenant satisfaction and ROI. As a building owner, what do you need to know about the process? What is commercial cleaning? Here’s how it’s different from your…

commercial vacuuming

The Benefits of Commercial Vacuuming

Commercial vacuuming is an essential part of every office cleaning routine. Along with deep sanitization of bathrooms, mopping, and more, your office needs commercial vacuuming as part of a successful office cleaning checklist. So, what is commercial vacuuming? And how can it be done effectively? It’s a bit different from vacuuming your home or apartment. Commercial vacuuming uses industrial equipment designed for prolonged and consistent use. They also come with commercial power cords to keep your office safe and prevent sparking. Better for the Environment Commercial vacuuming is better for the environment than the office cleaning staple of wet mopping…

janitorial services

The Most Important Areas to Clean in Your Office and Why

There’s nothing better than having a freshly cleaned office. It smells nice, looks great, and even better, it fosters productivity and contentment among employees. And while every area of your office should be cleaned well, some areas are more important to deep clean than others in terms of the spread of disease and employee/customer satisfaction. The most commonly used spaces foster a greater spread of germs, due to more community interaction. Other areas of your office are important to sanitize due to the presence of consumables or fecal matter. Here are the areas of your office that you need to…

The Power of Transparency in Cleaning

The cleaning industry has traditionally been viewed as a utility in that the outcomes of service have been binary. In the same way that electricity is either on or off, cleaning is either effective or it isn’t; things are either clean or they’re dirty. A lack of transparency has accompanied that perspective, because when the most important factor is whether or not something’s working, there’s no need to see behind the scenes. People complain when the power goes out. Very few people are vocal about optimizing and understanding the power grid. But things are changing. Leaders in today’s cleaning industry…

facility management solutions

The Cleaning Checklist Your Office Needs

Every office has unique needs when it comes to maintaining a high state of cleanliness. But there are some tasks that every office requires. This checklist walks you through the basics of facility management solutions—without the tasks on this list, your office is neither clean nor sanitary. While some tasks can be completed in the moment by your employees, others are best left to the professionals. These include sanitization, deep cleaning, community space cleaning, and polishing. Think of your facility management solutions as the big guns- we come in to provide your office with a level of clean that just…

building cleaning company

How Commercial Cleaning Makes Your Employees More Productive

A business relies on its employees for growth. Without productive and efficient employees, your business will start to stagnate, falter, and fail. But encouraging productivity in your workplace isn’t as simple as it sounds. One way to motivate your employees is to invest in a building cleaning company. A clean office fosters productivity, happy employees, and a sense of pride and community. Here’s how. Clean Workspace Imagine: you come to work to find your desk covered with crumbs from when your coworker was eating a sandwich and came over to ask a question. The top of your computer has a…

Commercial Cleaning Technology

How Technology is Transforming Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are different today than they were a decade ago. In ten years, cleaning services will be vastly different from their current form. In other words, this isn’t a static industry. The skills that cleaners need are changing. Techniques that cleaners use are changing. The products and tools that enable cleaning service are constantly being innovated. The cleaning industry is dynamic. And it’s being transformed by technology. At The Wilburn Company, we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of cleaning service. Continued growth is part of our commitment to our clients, and it helps us to deliver…

Why Cleaning is More Than a Commodity

Cleaning is more than a commodity. The cleaning industry has always faced a level of stigma, largely on the basis of misconception. Take these commonly held myths, for example: People think that cleaning is a static industry. It’s not. It’s dynamic. Technology and innovations are evolving the cleaning profession just as they’re evolving other professions. People think that cleaning doesn’t require training or skill. It does. Extensive training is required in order to provide high-quality cleaning services (to say nothing of GS-42 certified services). People think that cleaning is for aesthetics. Cleaning is for health. Looking clean is important. But…

building cleaning company

How High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money

Picture this. You’re walking into your neighborhood grocery store. You notice dirt on the floor, dust on the packages and there’s a weird smell that probably means it has been quite a while since the trash was emptied. Even if the groceries look great—you probably won’t want to go there unless you absolutely have to. A dirty building means that you’re losing customers. Dirty buildings ruin first impressions and even your reputation. But that’s not all that’s at stake. An unclean environment is costing you money. Here’s how a building cleaning company can save you money. Increase Productivity Have you…

green cleaning company

What Makes a Company “Green?”

As the climate crisis continues to loom over all of us, you may start to think about what your company can do to help. When the Wilburn Company “went green” in 2018, we did so because of a need to be environmentally-responsible and give back to the world around us. If you’re feeling pressured to make the same commitment, you may be wondering how you can go green. What procedures need to change? How do you increase your energy efficiency? How can you get your employees involved? As a green cleaning company, we’ve been there and done that. Here are…

The State of Recycling, the Role of Cleaners & Why It All Matters

Recycling in the United States has been a fact of life for over 50 years – but in the past year the status quo has shifted. By raising the standards for acceptable materials to less than 0.5% of contamination in 2018, China (which had previously processed around a quarter of the world’s plastic) effectively threw a wrench in the processes of programs worldwide and stateside. The result has been a proliferation of high-profile coverage proclaiming “chaos” in the recycling industry. But perhaps even more harmful than the shift in logistics has been the accompanying shift in public perception. “A crisis…