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At The Wilburn Company, we offer comprehensive cleaning services across a breadth of industries. These include:

Government Cleaning Services

The Wilburn Company has extensive experience in meeting the cleaning service needs of government facilities. Our highly trained and cleared employees specialize in providing quality custodial services to secure buildings.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether you need general office cleaning services or day porter services, The Wilburn Company can meet your commercial cleaning needs. Our staff is equipped to handle any size facility, and we can meet any special requirements your building may have. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning in the mid-Atlantic Region, you’ve come to the right place.

REIT Cleaning Services

The Wilburn Company partners with investors to keep real estate properties in the best condition to maintain their value. Our services extend the lifecycle of many finishes throughout the facilities we maintain.

Premium Cleaning Services in the mid-Atlantic Region

With decades of experience across a breadth of industries, we’re equipped to meet all of your cleaning and maintenance needs.

Don’t settle for a subpar cleaning service. Investors and building owners desire clean and well-maintained buildings. Hiring a commercial cleaning service in the mid-Atlantic Region is the best way to make sure your buildings look and function their best.

The Wilburn Company’s cleaning process utilizes GS-42 standards to ensure environmental friendliness. We can work to apply these standards at different levels to achieve agreed-upon goals and provide services that fit with your budget. The Wilburn Company has the expertise to help guide you in your efforts to clean and maintain your buildings while achieving maximum results for your investment.