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Green Cleaning in the mid-Atlantic

Green Cleaning in the mid-Atlantic – The Right Way

Here at The Wilburn Company, we pride ourselves on our green cleaning focus. We’re a GS-42 certified cleaning provider with full green cleaning capabilities.

That’s because green cleaning not only helps protect the environment, it helps to protect your employees. We know the toxic chemicals used in most regular cleaning products can take a toll on the health of your workers, leading to avoidable illnesses that end up needlessly costing your company money. Green cleaning is safe, practical, and cost-effective, when it’s done by the right commercial cleaning company the mid-Atlantic Region.

Green Cleaning Equals Good Cleaning

While some commercial cleaning companies in and around the mid-Atlantic area may use the term green cleaning, many don’t adhere to the stringent guidelines that true green cleaning really entails.

Green cleaning is a comprehensive endeavor; it’s not simply using a green product here or there, or implementing a single green cleaning procedure.

Our company prides itself on our Green Seal GS-42 certification. A commercial cleaning company must go through rigorous training and keep meticulous records on cleaning products and equipment in order to earn the GS-42 certification. The Wilburn Company is the only cleaning service provider in the mid-Atlantic to combine the GS-42 certification with a proprietary Performance Measurement Management program to ensure goals are met in segments including Operational, Financial, Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability, all within a comprehensive life-cycle strategy.

Our environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment includes:

  • New carpet cleaning machines that have been designed to use far less water while providing even better result
  • Green Cleaning chemicals that have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making for a healthier work environment
  • Microfiber rags, mops, and shampoo bonnets that reduce paper waste headed to the landfills

Green Cleaning in the mid-Atlantic – Choose the Experts

The Wilburn Company focuses on environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning – cleaning for health is our primary focus. All of our cleaning staff are trained using GS-42 standards and encouraged to use environmentally conscious policies that our leaders support. These efforts to train and support our cleaning staff provide our customers with a safer and healthier indoor work environment.

Are you ready to choose green cleaning services that save you money and promote tenant health? Get in touch with us.

We’ll work with you to identify how green cleaning services can be implemented to address the unique needs of your facility.

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