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Our Team

As a premier commercial janitorial company in the mid-Atlantic and beyond, the Wilburn Company prides itself in its ability to recruit staff members that are motivated and have the desire to support the TWC mission of excellence.

  • TWC develops these strong relationships with leaders that have a hands on approach with projects and guidance for staff to deliver the best custodial service practices.
  • TWC workforce of a likeminded team members is mission driven and is trained in the many services we can provide.
  • TWC staff is continually trained on the benefits of Safety, Green Cleaning, environmentally friendly service practices, and most important, that customer service a priority.
  • TWC has a robust training regime that includes motivational classes for leaders, extra skills training for motivated staff members, annual training that is continually seeking to improve our services.
  • TWC provides spot bonuses for front line staff for exceptional customer support.
  • TWC Leads, and supervisors average 10 plus years of service, along with each of our managers averaging 25 plus years of career experiences delivering customer service. The combined years of custodial support by this group is well over 50-70 years for each of our larger locations. The entire depth of service for the company is 100 plus years combining that with the president having 30 plus years of management & custodial experience.