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Archive for April, 2024

Latonya Major

Employee Spotlight: Latonya Major – A Journey of Versatility

The Unique Career Path of Latonya Major  Latonya Major’s career journey is a series of unexpected turns and diverse roles, leading her to find her passion in accounting. Her career began far from the financial statements and balance sheets, with ambitions to become an airline stewardess and, later, paths explored in cosmetology. Yet, it was her adventures across different sectors—broadcasting, television, mining, advertising, and even nursing—that enriched her skill set and perspective. She still dedicates time to child and adult mental health and elderly care, continuing her commitment to nurturing and supporting vulnerable communities.  Latonya’s roles varied widely, from working…

Lupe Noesi

Employee Spotlight: Lupe Noesi – Story of Passion and Dedication  

Meet Lupe Noesi, the latest star at The Wilburn Company, whose story is one of passion and dedication. Lupe is a proud mother and avid traveler, and she finds joy in the new experiences each destination brings.  Her mornings start with the same ritual that connects us all—a warm cup of coffee, symbolizing the beginning of another day’s journey. Beyond her family, Lupe’s heart beats for exploring new places, each trip adding to her rich tapestry of life experiences. Joining the Wilburn team recently, Lupe has already made significant impressions. Her role goes beyond the daily tasks; it’s about bringing…