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Archive for October, 2016

Facility waste management

How to Do Office Trash Removal the Right Way

You’re nearing the end of your sales season / big project / quarterly something-or-other, and it’s time to toss everything into archives or the garbage bin. Maybe you’re considering throwing everything into a pile in that meeting room you don’t use or sweeping it under the proverbial (or literal) rug. Save yourself some time and mess this season by handling your office trash removal fully and properly. Whether you’ve got file cabinets full of old reports or storage closets stacked with outdated electronics, it’s important to empty out and start fresh – but not all office trash removal can be…

Looking for green cleaning services?

How to Find a Commercial Cleaning Company

So, you need a commercial cleaning company for your office space. Maybe you want a one-time visit, maybe you want to schedule maintenance checks at regular intervals, or maybe you just want someone to talk to you about the potential benefits you could be missing out on. No matter the reason, you’re going to be sifting through a lot of potential options before you make a decision (unless you stop reading right here and contact us now). Below we’ll give you some tips about how to find a commercial cleaning company that’s right for you and your needs. We’ll hone…

Commercial Vacuuming Services

Can You Over-Clean Carpet?

Developing an effective maintenance plan for your carpet is critical to maximizing your investment. The article below explains how cleaning a carpet too often can actually damage the very asset your are trying to protect. Keep an eye out for more articles in our carpet care series. When it comes to commercial cleaning, there are some practices that customers understand and are comfortable with, and there are some services that aren’t as familiar. Nearly everyone understands concepts like dusting, for example, or taking out the trash, because everyone performs those tasks at some point. The average person, though, rarely performs some…