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Archive for June, 2017

Janitorial services in Baltimore, MD

The Importance of Becoming Green Seal Certified

The world is a dangerous enough place without having to worry about getting sick all the time at work. While toxic chemicals will kill germs, they also do a number on your health as well. That’s why green cleaning is so important, and why becoming Green Seal certified is the highest standard in cleaning. We’ve been in the cleaning industry for a long time, so we’re intimately familiar with the common misconceptions around it. The pay is low; there isn’t any training; anyone can come into work, and they’ll be handed a mop and a bucket and told to go…

Commercial Cleaning services

5 Tips from an Industrial Cleaning Company in DC

Washington, DC, is a beautiful place, filled with fine dining and entertainment. It’s just one of the many reasons companies choose to call the nation’s capital their home. While the beauty outside of your company is great, how does the inside of your building look? Which begs the question, how much do you think about industrial cleaning in DC? First impressions are just as important in business as they are in your personal life. When potential clients visit your facility for the first time, the overall appearance of your lobby – and especially your restrooms – can factor into whether…