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Archive for September, 2018

Commercial cleaning

10 Commercial Cleaning Tricks of the Trade

Have you ever spent a weekend cleaning your home or your office only to come in on Monday and be dissatisfied with your work? It can sometimes be difficult to have a spotless clean that lasts and is as pleasing to the eye as you want it to be. Luckily for you, we’re here today to divulge some top secret tips based on our commercial cleaning experience. Are you ready to fully experience the clean? Check out these ten commercial cleaning tricks of the trade. Don’t Forget the Little Things Getting an amazing clean is all about the little things.…

It’s Time to Move from “Janitor” to “Environmental Hygienist”

There’s a scene in the early moments of the movie Goodwill Hunting where Will (the main character played by Matt Damon) solves a graduate-level math problem in the hallway of MIT that’s been left on the blackboard as a challenge to students. Within minutes, he’s completely resolved a challenge that’s been unattainable for an entire class of brainiacs. It’s compelling to watch – not just because genius in action is fun to see, but because Will is not, in fact, a student at MIT. He’s actually a janitor at the school, responsible for scrubbing floors, not solving complex math problems.…

secure cleaning service

How to Evaluate a Secure Cleaning Service

When you own a secure building, you need to know that everyone who walks through your front door is trustworthy and cleared to handle sensitive information. If not, you could be putting your clients at risk – or, your front door leads to a government building, and you could be risking national security. This can make it hard to find secure services such as HVAC, construction, and cleaning. We’ve got good news, though: you can rely on Wilburn for secure cleaning services. But don’t take our word for it. How do you evaluate a secure cleaning company? You need the…