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10 Commercial Cleaning Tricks of the Trade

Commercial cleaning

Have you ever spent a weekend cleaning your home or your office only to come in on Monday and be dissatisfied with your work?

It can sometimes be difficult to have a spotless clean that lasts and is as pleasing to the eye as you want it to be. Luckily for you, we’re here today to divulge some top secret tips based on our commercial cleaning experience.

Are you ready to fully experience the clean? Check out these ten commercial cleaning tricks of the trade.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Getting an amazing clean is all about the little things. It’s the fridge handle, spot on the wall, or going that extra mile and cleaning the remote holsters, not just the remote itself. Cleaning these often forgotten little spots are just as important for hygienic reasons, not just for looks.

The fridge handles are high-traffic areas. People don’t always wash their hands after handling food and grabbing that fridge handle to put their lunch back in the break room fridge. Remotes are often full of germs and rarely cleaned. When was the last time you cleaned your remote at home, let alone the ones in your office?

Commercial cleaning is all about keeping your office germ-free. Cleaning the little things that are often forgotten also means getting rid of some of the highest germ concentrations.

Keep an Eye on the Kitchen

The kitchen may just be the messiest place in your office building. This is where Jerry from the office next door repeatedly heats up his lunch and left last week’s soup spillover on the microwave tray to harden. Janet from accounting always leaves her dirty spoon in the sink and Eric from human resources repeatedly forgets to take his old Tupperware out of the fridge.

To have an office that looks like a true commercial cleaning project, keep your kitchen sparkling. Commercial cleaners spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cleaning up spills, sanitizing the fridge and making sure all trash cans are empty and with heavy-duty trash bags inside.

Provide Sanitizers throughout the Office

It’s often easier to keep your office germ-free if you encourage people to sanitize throughout the day. Placing hand sanitizers throughout the office will prevent sticky fingers from the employees who eat at the desks and prevent illnesses from spreading quite as fast.

Remember, commercial cleaning isn’t just about taking out the trash and mopping the floors— it’s about making your work environment sanitary and safe.

Don’t Rush— Mistakes will be more obvious than you think

When you have several thousand square feet to clean, it’s easy to get caught up in the hectic mindset of “just get it done.” But when you fall into this trap, you’ll be more likely to make mistakes. Especially when cleaning and buffering a beautiful floor, these rushed mistakes will be much more noticeable than you think.

Commercial cleaning professionals are efficient but take the time it takes for each job. Rushing won’t get you that professional cleaning service sparkle.

Don’t Fall into a Routine

It’s easy to fall into a routine when you clean the same office every single day. But falling into a routine may mean missing a dirty spot because you’ve looked at a room the same way every single day. When you switch up your routine and start cleaning an office backwards or in a different order, you may notice things that you hadn’t before.

It also helps to change your routine with the seasons. For example, in the wintertime you may want to end with the floors. As employees trek into the building from the cold, they’ll also track in dirt and snow. If you start with the floors, they’ll be dirty before you know it.

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

An office only looks neat when it’s decluttered. Clutter occurs when something doesn’t have a place and is left to float in the ether of the office building. This is how materials are lost and your building will never get that commercial cleaning look.

Commercial cleaners look know the importance of putting materials back where they came from. Make sure your employees know where everything belongs and emphasize that all office supplies should be put back when they’re no longer in use.

Clean the Electronics

Many people are very hesitant to clean the electronics in an office building. What if they use too much liquid and short circuit a server? Or make scary Kathy from the next cubicle lose her work?

Electronics need to be cleaned. They just have to be cleaned carefully. When using a commercial cleaning service, electronics won’t be skipped. Cleaners will carefully keep them dust free and organized. Think about how long your hands are on your keyboard each day. Now think of everything else your hands touch. There’s no doubt about it: your electronics need to be sanitized.

Change Mop Heads Often

When a mop head isn’t changed, it can often take on a kind of funk. Besides, the last thing you want is to be attempting to clean something with dirty equipment. At best, you’re just spreading more dirt around at that point.

Reusable mop heads can often be sanitized in the wash and switched out often to minimize the spread of germs and keep your floors sparkling. Commercial cleaning services know that if your equipment is dirty your building won’t be clean.

Smells Matter

A dirty mop head that hangs out for too long and doesn’t ever fully dry can also take on a peculiar smell. Many would say it’s akin to wet dog. No one wants their office building to smell like a wet animal. A building may be clean, but if it still smells like it’s not then it won’t really feel clean.

To keep buildings smelling fresh, commercial cleaning services use fresh equipment and clean trash cans often. If that doesn’t work and your building still smells, it may be time to investigate further.

Have A Cleaning Plan

Especially when you’re tackling a big cleaning project, a cleaning plan helps you and your team to stay organized and work efficiently together. It also makes sure you don’t miss anything. Make your cleaning plan thorough and include any extras that need to be added occasionally. For example, once a month your team should check out all the lights in the building. Are the bulbs about to burn out? Are the fittings rusting or about to fail? These small inspections are one of the ways commercial cleaning services helps to keep your building safe.

Work with The Wilburn Company

Commercial cleaning is no joke. Even with these ten commercial cleaning tips, you’ll probably still find it hard to give your office building the same sparkle as a true commercial cleaning service.

The Wilburn Company Quality Control Program results in company-wide transparency and accountability for performance, and it’s what allows us to provide quality assurance cleaning in MD and throughout the region in a way that’s consistent and dependable. At The Wilburn Company, our quality assurance program extends across all of the industries we service. From government facilities, to commercial sites, to REITs, you can be confident that your site will be kept in the highest state of cleanliness possible.

If you’re ready to see your building sparkle, contact The Wilburn Company today. We’ll make sure your building is clean, hygienic, and ready for your employees.