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Archive for June, 2019

training process for employees

A Look Inside the Wilburn Employee Training Process

How a company trains its employees has a lot of significance for the quality of service you’ll receive. Poor training leads to mistakes, low-quality, and an unprofessional cleaning provider. When you work with a cleaning provider, you have set expectations. You expect a trustworthy cleaning team, a high-quality clean, and the ability to deliver on the standards you set at the beginning of your contract. At the Wilburn Company, we pride ourselves on our training process. With comprehensive training programs ranging from generic custodial training to management training, we believe that continuing education is crucial. Not only does it offer…

commercial janitorial solutions

Are You Making These Office Cleaning Mistakes?

How often does your commercial cleaning provider come to your office? Buildings are cleaned at different intervals, but no matter how often your provider comes, there will likely be times when your team of environmental hygienists isn’t in the building. During these time periods, you may need to perform small office cleaning tasks, such as dealing with spills, replacing the kitchen sponge, and other small chores. Many people don’t realize that when they’re trying to clean, they’re just making it worse. Here are five cleaning mistakes to avoid when your environmental hygienist isn’t there to help. Cleaning Stains Without Stain…