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The Cleaning Checklist Your Office Needs

facility management solutions

Every office has unique needs when it comes to maintaining a high state of cleanliness. But there are some tasks that every office requires. This checklist walks you through the basics of facility management solutions—without the tasks on this list, your office is neither clean nor sanitary.

While some tasks can be completed in the moment by your employees, others are best left to the professionals. These include sanitization, deep cleaning, community space cleaning, and polishing. Think of your facility management solutions as the big guns- we come in to provide your office with a level of clean that just can’t be achieved by your everyday employee. Here’s the basic level of tasks you need when it comes to facility management solutions.

Cleaning Tasks for the Professional:

These are tasks best left to the professional facility management solutions team. We have the high-tech equipment and training necessary to tackle the bigger jobs.

1. Sanitizing Restrooms

A dirty restroom is disgusting. On average, the public restroom contains 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch within an hour of use. While very few of these cells have the chance to cause an infection—why take the risk? Daily deep cleanings can keep your office restrooms clean and safe to use.

2. Maintaining a Clean Kitchen

Have you ever seen Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares?” If your office kitchen looks like the kitchens on that show—before Ramsey gets to them—you’re in trouble. The kitchen in your office is where your employees prepare their lunch and possibly breakfast too. A dirty kitchen can lead to the spread of disease. Deep cleaning the kitchen is a necessity for your facility management solutions provider to complete.

3.  Polishing Floors

Any facility management solutions provider can tell you, there’s a big difference between a clean floor and a polished floor. When your marble floors have been polished, it adds a touch of class and beauty to your office. Shining floors add to the customer experience when they enter the lobby for the first time. It also provides your floors with extra protection to last longer.

4. Deep Cleaning the Carpet

Did you know that your average carpet cleaning chemicals actually break down carpet fibers faster and lead to a dingier looking carpet? When you’re looking for a facility management solutions team to take care of your office carpets, look for one that offers green cleaning. Green cleaning methods use less water and fewer harsh chemicals. This means your carpets get the same needed deep clean, but the methods used don’t break down the carpet fibers.

5. Sanitize High-Traffic Areas

A single virus present on the handle of one office doorknob can be picked up by 40 to 60 percent of your office within two to four hours. The office telephone? Filthier than the office toilet. Regular sanitization of these high-traffic areas is an essential part of your cleaning checklist. Your facility management solutions provider should regularly sanitization these objects to significantly cut down on the number of sick days your employees take.

6. Mopping

When it comes to hardwood floors, sweeping and vacuuming just isn’t enough. Wet mopping can deep clean hardwood floors and bring them back to their original beauty. However, this is a job best undertaken by your facility management solutions provider. If too much water is used your floors could obtain significant water damage.

7. Glass Cleaning

Glass offices are gaining in popularity. Glass walls and accents can provide a stunning backdrop for the workday. However, that backdrop is easily ruined—by fingerprints. Greasy handprints and fingerprints can quickly mar the glass surfaces in your office. If you want streak-free glass accents, cleaning it is a job best left for your facility management solutions team.

8. Day Porter Services

One overflowing trash can lead to bad smells, an unattractive office appearance, and even a pest infestation. Day porter services offer your office cleaning throughout the day. Unobtrusive cleaning staff will empty trash cans, wipe down the kitchen, and provide a tidy office atmosphere no matter what day it is.

Cleaning Tasks for Your Employees

While hiring a facility management solutions provider is always a great idea for deep cleaning and regular sanitization. But your employees also play an important role in maintaining an attractive office atmosphere. Here are just five things they can do to keep your office tidy throughout the day.

1. Maintain an Organized Workspace

No one wants to see a desk covered in loose papers and last week’s coffee mug. Encourage your employees to maintain a neat workspace that is well-organized and clear of dirty dishes. This creates a good client-facing atmosphere for impromptu meetings and also adds to a productive workspace.

2. Clean Up Spills

Spills can be dangerous if they’re a slipping hazard or near expensive electronics. All spills should be cleaned up immediately and prevented from growing larger. Spills from sugary liquids, like soda, can also attract pests like ants.

3. Continue to Sanitize Throughout the Day

When you start to notice coughing and sneezing throughout the office, it’s time to start handing out the sanitizing wipes. Employees should sanitize their keyboards, telephones, and cell phones throughout the day—especially during cold and flu season.

4. Courtesy Cleaning of Common Areas

Have you ever walked into the kitchen only to find a large spill in the microwave or mysterious food growing mold in the fridge? Leadership should encourage employees to clean up after themselves in the kitchen and throw out old food in the fridge. This way sanitary spaces can stay clean even when your facility management solutions team isn’t there.

How you choose to keep your office clean is up to you—but every office needs to be cleaned. With the help of professional facility management solutions, you can keep your office sanitary and cut down on the prevalence of germs throughout the environment. At the Wilburn Company, we take our role as environment hygienists seriously. Whether you need green cleaning services, general office cleaning services, or day porter services, we have the breadth of resources and experience to meet your janitorial needs.

If you need the best in facility management solutions, contact us today.