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How Commercial Cleaning Makes Your Employees More Productive

building cleaning company

A business relies on its employees for growth. Without productive and efficient employees, your business will start to stagnate, falter, and fail. But encouraging productivity in your workplace isn’t as simple as it sounds. One way to motivate your employees is to invest in a building cleaning company.

A clean office fosters productivity, happy employees, and a sense of pride and community. Here’s how.

Clean Workspace

Imagine: you come to work to find your desk covered with crumbs from when your coworker was eating a sandwich and came over to ask a question. The top of your computer has a layer of dust on it, and your foot space has a thin layer of mud on it from yesterday’s muddy rain boots. Are you feeling comfortable enough to sit down and get 8 hours of work done?

A clean workspace allows your employees to work comfortably at their desks without taking time to dust their area or mop their floor space. A good building cleaning company comes when you need them and pays special attention to working areas for employees. Clean and well-organized workspaces reduce the amount of distracting mental clutter that your employees have to deal with. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between physical clutter and mental clutter. A crowded and uncleanly workspace can actual make your employees feel mentally stuck and unable to think or move. A clean and organized area to work in allows them to feel more creative, efficient, and productive.

Fewer Sick Days

Hiring a building cleaning company is especially essential during the height of flu seasons. A good cleaning team can rid your office of sickness-causing germs, leading to fewer sick days taken by your employees. This can lead to significant savings. As a matter of fact, one report showed that illness-related lost productivity costs US employers $530 billion per year. That’s a significant cost that can be avoided with better workplace hygiene.

Something as simple as a head cold can reduce an employee’s efficiency, let alone the working hours lost when they’re out with something like the flu. A building cleaning company can sanitize your office with regular cleanings and reduce the number of sick days your employees need to take.

Reduced Allergens

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? If you do, you’re not alone. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States and impact more than 50 million people each year. Allergy symptoms can range from the occasional stuffy nose, to full-blown itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, coughing, and head cold-like symptoms. Unlike the flu, allergies usually aren’t bad enough to make someone stay home. However, they can still greatly reduce productivity in your office. If your employee is distracted by itchy eyes and coughing, they most likely aren’t paying as much attention to their work.

Luckily, you can reduce the allergens in your office with the help of a building cleaning company. Regular carpet cleanings can remove dander and dust trapped within carpet fibers that could trigger an allergy attack. Your cleaning team can also prevent mold from growing, which will also help to reduce allergens in the workplace.

Comfortable Common Spaces

Have you ever walked into the kitchen in your office only to find a spill in the microwave, dirty dishes in the sink, and a general mess? Now, instead of just heating up your lunch, you have to spend some time to clean out the room. A dirty kitchen doesn’t just take up time—it also spreads germs. Especially in the kitchen where you’re working with food, extra care needs to be taken to create sanitary conditions.  The last thing you want, is for your employees to become sick because of a dirty kitchen.

The same scenario goes for the bathroom. An unsanitary bathroom can lead to spreading illnesses and unhappy employees. The last thing you want is for your employees to feel as though they have to tiptoe through the bathroom and are hesitant to touch doorknobs and the bathroom sink. A comfortable employee can walk into the bathroom, do their business, and leave ready to go back to work.

Common spaces are used by your entire office. It’s easy for them to become dirty and unkempt. If the situation becomes too bad, it becomes a point of contention and can even turn off potential new employees. When your employees spend their time complaining about the common areas instead of working, you know it’s time to hire a building cleaning company.

Show Your Employees You Care

A clean office is about more than just doing the bare minimum so your employees can manage themselves productively. It’s also about showing your employees that you value the work that they do. When you’re forced to work in dirty conditions, it can feel disheartening and dehumanizing. A great building cleaning company can foster a happy office atmosphere with a big sense of community. According to recent studies, a happy employee is up to 20% more productive than an unhappy one.

Boost your productivity. Make your office a happy one. Show your employees you care.

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