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What is Deep Office Cleaning?

Deep office cleaning refers to thorough cleaning procedures that sanitize the parts of a facility that aren’t frequently cleaned.

It may also include specialized services, like stripping and waxing floors, machine-washing ceramic tiles, or spot cleaning carpets.

Essentially, deep cleaning is the kind of approach you might take at home during “spring cleaning.” You pay special attention to getting areas you normally wouldn’t and are extra thorough in everything; your goal is to get your space to its cleanliest.

In deep commercial cleaning for offices, the same principles apply. Let’s take a look at what sets deep office cleaning apart from standard office cleaning – and why it matters.

How Deep Cleaning Is Different

To more thoroughly understand deep cleaning, it’ll be helpful to define standard cleaning so that we have something to compare it against.

Standard cleaning is typically done on a daily or weekly basis. It usually includes basic services like vacuuming carpeted areas, mopping hard-surface flooring, and cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

In other words, standard cleaning is more frequent than deep cleaning, and it involves more basic procedures as opposed to more specialized services.

With that definition established, let’s unpack what’s meant by deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning services are more specialized.

So, what are some of the specialized services that might be included in a deep clean? The list is broad, and it’ll vary depending on your building’s needs and the cleaning provider’s capabilities, but here’s a list of activities that might be included:

  • Stripping and waxing floors
  • Buffing and burnishing
  • Machine cleaning ceramic tiles
  • Deep carpet cleaning (using cleaning solution or dry cleaning as opposed to just vacuuming)
  • Carpet spotting
  • Cleaning appliances (inside or above microwaves or refrigerators, for example)
  • Window washing
  • High dusting on vents and light fixtures that aren’t normally reached
  • Vacuuming on blinds, drapes, and windowsills
  • Moving furniture and carpets to more thoroughly scrub floors
  • Removing materials from desks and dusting and wiping all surface areas
  • Cleaning the interiors of cabinets

Some providers may incorporate some of these activities into standard cleaning procedures, but, overall, these are some of the things that’ll likely be involved in a deep office cleaning.

Deep cleaning is done on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

While standard cleaning is usually done on a daily or weekly basis (depending on the building’s needs and the level of foot traffic), deep cleaning is done less frequently.

Most commercial buildings are fine with deep cleaning once or twice each year. However, specialized buildings (like healthcare facilities) or buildings with high levels of foot traffic may require more frequent deep cleaning.

At the most, deep cleaning should be provided once per month. If cleaning services are provided any more frequently than that, they should be designated as standard services, not as deep clean services.

Deep cleaning may be provided as a one-off project.

This is less common, but deep cleaning is sometimes provided as a one-off project.

For instance, in the wake of new construction, deep cleaning may be needed to remove the dust and grime that’ve resulted from the project. In this case, a provider might be hired for specialized services to prepare the building for use.

Why Deep Cleaning Matters

We’ve covered what deep cleaning entails – but why does it matter?

Importantly, deep cleaning is not just for aesthetics. The purpose of the activities should always be to improve the health of the facility, both to benefit the value of the building itself and the well-being of its occupants.

Cleaning non-standard areas is an important method toward these ends. For example, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) notes that “The typical office desk harbors more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than found on a standard toilet seat.” Not all of these germs can be cleaned during standard cleaning times because objects on the desks make access difficult. Without deep cleaning services, offices allow unhealthy conditions to worsen – and, ultimately, those conditions affect the health of employees.

The bottom line is that deep cleaning matters for the same reason general cleaning matters: because it keeps people healthy.

Does your office need deep commercial cleaning?

Are you considering deep cleaning services for your commercial office? If the answer’s yes – let’s talk.

At The Wilburn Company, we’ve provided industry-leading commercial cleaning services in the Maryland and DC area for over two decades. Today, we put our expertise into action with over 450 employees cleaning over 9,000,000 square feet each day.

Our standard services are recognized for their quality and effectiveness in cleaning for health so that building occupants stay safe. We also offer emergency cleaning services, green cleaning services, and of course, deep cleaning services that can ensure your building reaches maximum cleanliness.

To learn more about how we can help with your commercial office cleaning needs, get in touch with us today.