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The Wilburn Company Goes Green By Achieving GS-42 Certification

Green Cleaning GS-32 Certification Seal

The Wilburn Company Goes Green By Achieving GS-42 Certification

Linthicum, MD: The Wilburn Company does more than just building cleaning – they help to keep the environment cleaner, too. The professional cleaning company has received the GS-42 certification, an affirmation from independent certifier Green Seal® that Wilburn’s green cleaning program meets its high standards.

“Achieving GS-42 certification is changing the culture of our company and how we view the importance of the services we deliver,” said Robert Baldwin, Vice President of The Wilburn Company. “We are not just janitors; we are Environmental Hygienists. We are impacting people’s lives by directly affecting their health, their economics, and their work performance all while protecting the environment.”

The Wilburn Company is the only cleaning service provider in Maryland to combine the GS-42 certification with a proprietary Performance Measurement Management program to ensure goals are met in segments including Operational, Financial, Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability, all within a comprehensive life-cycle strategy.

To become GS-42 certified, cleaners must meet program requirements as measured by Green Seal, including:

  • Reducing chemical waste through the efficient use of chemicals
  • Reducing solid waste
  • Optimizing cleaning frequencies
  • Providing continuing training to staff
  • Ensuring transparent communication with clients and employees

While The Wilburn Company has been providing high quality professional cleaning services for twenty years, the GS-42 certification further exemplifies the company’s commitment to changing lives by cleaning for health.

About The Wilburn Company: The Wilburn Company maintains over eight million square feet of facility space, with a focus on secure cleaning and commercial cleaning capabilities. For more information on Wilburn’s green cleaning initiatives, call (410) 789-3320 or get in touch online.

About Green Seal, Inc.: Green Seal®, a nonprofit organization founded in 1989, is the nation’s premier ecolabel, symbolizing transparency, integrity, and environmental leadership. Its flagship program develops lifecycle-based environmental standards, and certifies products and services that meet them. Green Seal standards cover 450 categories – from janitorial supplies and paints to cleaning services and hotels – and are specified by countless agencies and institutions. Green Seal’s science-based programs empower choices and improvements that transform the economy for a healthier, greener world. For more information, visit GreenSeal.org, or call 202-872- 6400.