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Archive for April, 2017

Janitorial services in Baltimore, MD

Choosing the Right Janitorial Services in Baltimore

Whether your company is new to the area or it’s been a staple of the community for decades, finding the right janitorial services in Baltimore is crucial to your company’s success. Despite what some might think, not all janitorial companies are the same. Some janitorial services will do the bare minimum for your company. Some might say they use green cleaning supplies, but don’t have proof that what they’re using is actually a green cleaning product. Others will simply charge you an outrageous sum of money for something that could be done better for less. There are many reasons why…

What is a janitor?

What It Means to be a Janitor

Whether you call them janitors, custodians, maintenance workers, or simply cleaners, the people who clean and maintain our offices, hospitals, schools, churches, and shops are sometimes taken for granted, but being a janitor is nevertheless vital to our overall health and well being. In this article, we’d like to take the time to explain what the janitorial profession really means – and why janitorial work is so important. Here’s what it really means to be a janitor. Being a Janitor Means Keeping a Building Clean When people think of janitors, this is probably the first purpose that comes to mind.…