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Archive for August, 2017

janitorial companies

Why We’ve Moved Past the Term “Janitor”

The term janitor has never had the best connotation. The phrase may take you back to your high school lunchroom’s janitorial staff who picked up the garbage and wiped down the lunch tables. You may have never seen janitors as much more than that. But janitorial companies’ staff do so much more than clean. They get rid of germs, cut down on pests, and work to keep you from getting sick. Have you ever thought that you owe your office janitor your health? Here at Wilburn, we are one of several janitorial companies who strive to elevate the crucial work…

Green Commercial Cleaning Company

The Science Behind Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is more than just a trend – it is now a staple of everyday life for millions of people around the world. It’s not just at home, though, as many businesses use a green commercial cleaning company. While we’ve written about green cleaning products, what green cleaning really means, and the importance of becoming Green Seal certified, it’s good to bring it back to the basics – what exactly is the science behind green cleaning? Science-based standards for green cleaning are what separates “I’m pretty sure this is green cleaning,” from “I know for a fact this is…

Green Cleaning in DC

What It Means to Be a Green Cleaning Company in DC

Whether you’re in facility management or you’re just looking at different options for commercial cleaning in DC, you’ve no doubt heard about green cleaning. What, though, does green cleaning in DC look like today? Unfortunately, the meaning of the term “green cleaning” has become somewhat murky and ambiguous. Some commercial cleaning companies might say they use green cleaning in DC, but what exactly does that mean? After all, saying products are “green” doesn’t just make it so. Since green cleaning has become so popular, some cleaning companies look to capitalize on the trend. Instead of actually providing real green cleaning…