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Why We’ve Moved Past the Term “Janitor”

janitorial companies

The term janitor has never had the best connotation. The phrase may take you back to your high school lunchroom’s janitorial staff who picked up the garbage and wiped down the lunch tables. You may have never seen janitors as much more than that. But janitorial companies’ staff do so much more than clean. They get rid of germs, cut down on pests, and work to keep you from getting sick. Have you ever thought that you owe your office janitor your health?

Here at Wilburn, we are one of several janitorial companies who strive to elevate the crucial work our staff does. To work towards this, we use the term environmental hygienist instead.

Our environmental hygienists keep your workplace safe, healthy, and better for the environment.

Cut Down on Pests

You know how your office trash can magically empties every night? Imagine if it didn’t. All those empty yogurt cups leftover from your lunch would pile up pretty quickly. And guess who else likes high in protein, low-fat, delicious Greek yogurt? Rats.

The staff of janitorial companies often serve as pest control as well as cleaning services. They perform proactive and routine maintenance to make sure that you don’t have to worry about bugs, rodents or other pests at your workplace. And, if pests do appear in your building, hygienists are the ones who will trap, poison, or otherwise get rid of the infestation.

Environmental hygienists are aware of the dangers of pest infestations. For example, mice can contaminate kitchen areas with diseases like salmonella or meninigitis. Both of which, can put your employees out of work for quite a while. Janitorial companies are in charge of making sure pests don’t contaminate your kitchen and keep your eating areas germ-free.

Maintain a Healthy Work Environment

Janitorial companies who use green cleaning are doing so much more than just taking out the trash. Green janitorial companies use environmentally-friendly cleaning processes to reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

Green cleaning uses non-toxic cleaning processes that are better for employee health and the environment. To find a janitorial company that is truly committed to green cleaning, look for one with a Green Seal GS-42 Certification. This certification requires rigorous green cleaning training and a true commitment to better environmental habits.

Green cleaning janitorial companies also use environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment that minimize water wastage and paper disposal. For example, some janitorial companies use  green carpet cleaners that use less water while producing better results, microfiber washable rags, mops, and shampoo bonnets that can be reused, and no volatile organic compounds which can be harmful to both human and environmental health.

Use Safe and Appropriate Cleaning Methods

Janitorial companies work with a lot of chemicals. Some of these chemicals can be quite strong, including bleach, ammonia, and chlorine. If combined incorrectly, some of these chemicals can create strong vapors that are harmful to human health.

It’s an environmental hygienist’s job to know what chemicals are safe to use and what chemicals can create a harmful work environment. Well-trained environmental hygienists will use green cleaning methods that can improve employee health and lower the environmental footprint of janitorial companies.

Green cleaning methods use chemicals that aren’t as harmful as traditional cleaning products and minimizes waste by saving water and electricity. Your janitorial company does a lot to ensure that when you come into work the day after a deep cleaning, you won’t breathe in strong smells or get headaches from the residual chemical vapors.

Documentation of Routine Inspection

Janitorial companies are familiar with every nook and cranny of your office building. Your environmental hygienist will be the first to know when paint is peeling, your fire alarms are out-of-date, and it’s time for your elevator to be inspected. A good environmental hygienist will realize these issues ahead of time and work to keep your inspections current.

Janitorial companies are also proactive when it comes to routine maintenance that keeps your building up to code. Whenever your environmental hygienist cleans the lights, they look to make sure the cover and fixture is secure and not in danger of falling. Whenever they clean the windows, they look for small cracks in the glass that could spiderweb and shatter windows. When they clean the sink, they look for leaks in the pipes that could lead to eventual water damage.

Your environmental hygienist’s goal is to keep your building clean and safe. Without their constant detailed watch, you could find yourself with light fixtures that are no longer safe and an elevator permit that’s about to expire.

Security Detail

Janitorial companies are often required to have employees that work odd hours. This could mean very early in the morning or very late at night. Because of this, your environmental hygienist is in the building when no one else is and can monitor things from a security perspective.

If your commercial building only has surveillance cameras, but not a security team, an environmental hygienist’s job often includes some security details. If they’re in your building late at night, they’ll be able to check that surveillance equipment is running properly and look for signs of forced entry.

Essentially, your environmental hygienists keep a secure presence in your facilities for longer than the usual 9-to-5 work day.

Appreciate Your Environmental Hygienists

Your environmental hygienists do so much more than just take out the trash. They keep your facility germ and rodent-free, prevent employee sicknesses by using non-toxic chemicals, reduce your carbon footprint, perform proactive inspections, and provide a secure presence in your facility for longer hours.

Wilburn’s environmental hygienists are fully certified in GS-42 green cleaning and have detailed background checks so that you feel secure having them in your facility late at night. They also perform detailed cleaning services and sanitize your workspaces. Thanks to our proven track record and trusted staff, The Wilburn Company has earned the task of serving some of most highly-secured facilities in the DC area.

Don’t forget to say thank you the next time you see a janitor. They do a lot more for your company than you might think. And if you’re looking for a janitorial company that can provide you with the best environmental hygienist, call the Wilburn Company today.