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Archive for February, 2018

The Best Green Cleaning Companies in MD Do This

In a world of endless choices, it can be difficult to know what company is the best option for your cleaning needs. This is especially true if you’re interested in green cleaning, as this term has become a bit vague and hard to define. To know what to look for when selecting a green cleaning company, let’s look at five things that the best green cleaning companies in Maryland are doing. Uses Green Products and Environmentally-Friendly Procedures The basis of green cleaning is using products, equipment, and procedures that are safer for building occupants and the environment than traditional harsh…

Green Cleaning GS-32 Certification Seal

The Wilburn Company Goes Green By Achieving GS-42 Certification

The Wilburn Company Goes Green By Achieving GS-42 Certification Linthicum, MD: The Wilburn Company does more than just building cleaning – they help to keep the environment cleaner, too. The professional cleaning company has received the GS-42 certification, an affirmation from independent certifier Green Seal® that Wilburn’s green cleaning program meets its high standards. “Achieving GS-42 certification is changing the culture of our company and how we view the importance of the services we deliver,” said Robert Baldwin, Vice President of The Wilburn Company. “We are not just janitors; we are Environmental Hygienists. We are impacting people’s lives by directly…