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Archive for March, 2018

3 Ways Green Cleaning Services Benefit Your Business

As you’ve probably heard, green cleaning services benefit the environment by reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and reducing the usage of harsh chemicals. And, as we’ve written about before, green cleaning services benefit building occupants by improving the health of indoor environments and, consequently, the health of the people who frequent them. So, green cleaning has a lot going for it already; those two factors themselves make green cleaning services pretty appealing. But there’s another benefit a step further down the chain, too, that you may not initially expect from green cleaning. Green cleaning services benefit businesses, too. It’s true. Green…

How the Concept of Building Wellness is Transforming Cleaning Services

Not long ago, property management services were oriented around efficiency.   It’s an understandable approach; saving time and money on property management is a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Companies homed in on efficiency have gone to great lengths to reduce service times and product costs, ultimately transferring those benefits to building owners and occupants. But it’s harmful in the end. Because, while in many ways the pursuit of efficiency is a great thing, it isn’t everything. Treating efficiency as the end-all, be-all ends up hurting both our buildings and the people who occupy them. Pursing it to the exclusion…

Is Green Cleaning More Expensive?

Almost any topic these days is up for debate, but one that seems to have been immune to that challenge is health. Just about everyone wants to be healthy and wishes the same for others. Whether people take the measure of eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, or all of the above to stay healthy, the goal is the same—to live the healthiest life possible. Despite the desire for health, one area that forces some to take pause is commercial cleaning. While it’s important to watch what we put in our bodies when we eat, monitoring what we use to…