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3 Ways Green Cleaning Services Benefit Your Business

As you’ve probably heard, green cleaning services benefit the environment by reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and reducing the usage of harsh chemicals.

And, as we’ve written about before, green cleaning services benefit building occupants by improving the health of indoor environments and, consequently, the health of the people who frequent them.

So, green cleaning has a lot going for it already; those two factors themselves make green cleaning services pretty appealing. But there’s another benefit a step further down the chain, too, that you may not initially expect from green cleaning.

Green cleaning services benefit businesses, too.

It’s true. Green cleaning isn’t just some sort of moral high ground for businesses to stand on – although it certainly carries a positive moral connotation. It’s more than another socially-responsible box to check off or a badge to point to – although it’s certainly a reputation booster.

It actually benefits the bottom line of businesses in tangible ways. And, if you’re considering green cleaning services for your business, that’s worth taking into account.

With that in mind, here are three ways that green cleaning services can benefit your business.

1. Green Cleaning Services Can Increase Your Business’ ROI

Green cleaning services can actually benefit the ROI your business receives from cleaning services – and that factors into bottomline profit at the end of the day. We’ve touched on this before, to some extent, to dispel the myth that green cleaning services are more expensive than traditional cleaning services (they’re not). But they’re more than simply comparatively priced; green cleaning services, comprehensively instituted, provide significant cost savings.

First, as mentioned, they’re more efficient – both in terms of the frequency of cleaning, and in terms of the amount of chemicals used. That efficiency translates into cost savings; cleaning companies are able to reduce the costs of chemical purchases and time spent on cleaning activities, which translates directly to reduce the costs to your businesses.

Additionally, green cleaning services reduce the injuries to custodial staff and workers – there are fewer harsh chemicals to deal with, and the health of indoor environments is improved. The result of fewer injuries, of course, is fewer compensation claims – which again translates directly to reduced costs for your business.

Finally, green cleaning services are a boon to potential clients and tenants. If given the chance between frequenting a facility that uses green cleaning, or a facility that doesn’t, tenants and clients almost aways choose green. That offers opportunities for your business.

2. Green Cleaning Services Can Benefit Your LEED Score

Green Seal certified green cleaning services can actually help you to achieve LEED points.

At the Wilburn Company, we’re proud to be GS-42 certified, which means we’ve undergone extensive training and review to ensure that all of our procedures are compliant with Green Seal standards. For your business, it means that using our green cleaning services offers LEED point potential in the following areas:

  • Green Cleaning Policy
  • Green Cleaning – Products and Materials (1 pt)
  • Green Cleaning – Equipment (1 pt)

It’s that simple: with a certified policy in place, and with performance via certified products, materials, and equipment, your business’ building can earn 2 points toward your LEED score.

And that can contribute toward your cost savings and bottom line.

3. Green Cleaning Services Can Build Your Brand

This is one of the more logical but less quantifiable benefits – green cleaning services build your brand. It comes back to the same idea: given the choice between a green building or a non-green building, people nearly always choose green.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Choosing green cleaning services can promote your business as a leader. For example:

  • By choosing green cleaning, you’re displaying corporate social responsibility for the impacts of your decisions and activities
  • By choosing a Green Seal certified business, you’re partnering with the leading independent sustainability ecolabel in the nation

The reality is that changing how consumers think about green services is the job of innovators, leaders, and scientists working together – and if your business joins those ranks, you’re quickly placing your brand in very good company.

So yes, brand value is difficult to quantify. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very real – just ask brands that have seen their public perception take a hit.

Are You Ready to Give Your Business the Benefits of Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is good for the environment, for building occupants, and for your business. So, are you ready to make your business healthier?

If the answer is yes, let’s talk. At The Wilburn Company, we’re an industry leader in green cleaning services. We’re passionate about ensuring the health of the buildings we clean and their occupants. It’s why we’re GS-42 certified, and it’s why we’re consistent advocates for green cleaning education for individuals and for businesses.

We believe that green cleaning will transform buildings and businesses for the better. To discuss how it can benefit the unique needs of your business, give us a call at 410-789-3320, or get in touch with us online.