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Is Green Cleaning More Expensive?

Almost any topic these days is up for debate, but one that seems to have been immune to that challenge is health.

Just about everyone wants to be healthy and wishes the same for others. Whether people take the measure of eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, or all of the above to stay healthy, the goal is the same—to live the healthiest life possible.

Despite the desire for health, one area that forces some to take pause is commercial cleaning. While it’s important to watch what we put in our bodies when we eat, monitoring what we use to clean our homes and offices can be just as imperative. That’s why “green” cleaning continues to gain popularity in how we clean our buildings and indoor environments.

On its surface, cleaning green makes a lot of sense; you’re using products that do not contain harmful chemicals that could damage our eyes, skin and lungs. Using products that clean effectively and are better for us health-wise seems like a win-win – but like anything, there’s some pushback against green cleaning. But why is that the case?

It may be the cost.

Yes, green cleaning costs – or ideas about them – do cause some to take pause. The thinking is that green cleaning products are specialized, and anything that’s special has to be more expensive that the standard option. Right?

Well, not necessarily.

Thanks to the combination of chemical advances and the desire to rid harsh chemicals from the industry, green cleaning product manufacturers have made their prices much more comparable to the standard cleaning product prices.

The price of green products against their industry counterparts is just one way the method is not as costly as you might think. Here are a few other examples that dispel the myth that green cleaning costs and arm and a leg – and that may have you ready to save money and promote health by choosing a green cleaning company.

Green cleaning allows you to spend less on cleaning supplies.

Yes, when you do a side-by-side comparison at the store, the standard cleaning solution might cost less than the green product. However, green cleaning products often have higher concentration levels, so you won’t have to use as much cleaner to get the job done. That means you will have to make less trips to the store to replenish your supplies and in turn you’ll be spending less money in the long run.

Green cleaning allows you to spend less on energy.

Whether it’s your facility or office, green cleaning costs less in terms of the energy resources used. A green cleaning service that uses a “dry” method will use significantly less water. Plus, green cleaning companies rely less on hot water than standard cleaning services do. So, by using less hot water and less water overall, you could see significant savings on both your water and electric bills.

Green cleaning allows you to hold onto your carpets longer.

The aforementioned “dry” cleaning method not only will let you save on your electricity and water bills. You could also find yourself not throwing our carpets as often—or at least be able to go longer between cleanings. A traditional carpet cleaning uses soap and water; if all of the residue does not subside, it stays in the carpet, weakens the fiber and they become dirty that much faster. So you’re stuck between constantly cleaning the carpets, or tossing them out for new ones—neither option is good for your wallet.

Instead, the “dry” method uses an economically friendly polymer that will attach to the dirt in the carpet, but not the actual fibers. Once the vacuum runs through the carpet, the polymer is gone, but the fibers stay as strong as they were before the cleaning.

Green cleaning allows for a healthier and more productive staff.

Businesses run more effectively when employees are present and feeling well, right? Offices that use green cleaning method increase the likelihood that stay healthier while they are at work because they are not exposed to harmful chemicals that could be inhaled or ingested. So while it may seem like green cleaning costs more, there are savings to be had because employees won’t need to take sick days as often, which means they are at work producing for you.

Using a green cleaning company for the office could also lead to lower health insurance premiums as some insurance companies recognize and reward businesses that work with green companies.

Save Money and Promote Health with Green Cleaning

It’s a nice feeling living or working in a clean space. Imagine how much nicer that feeling can be when you know that space is not only clean, but it also healthy to occupy and environmentally friendly. That’s what using a green cleaning service can provide.

While it may look like green cleaning costs more than the standard process, the less money you spend on cleaning products and energy resources like electricity and water could actually have you come out ahead—financially, environmentally and health-wise.

The Wilburn Company provides commercial cleaning services throughout Maryland and the Washington, DC area. We’re GS-42 certified, and we use green cleaning methods and stay on top of the latest cleaning procedures and products. The Wilburn Company uses GS-42 products certified by Green Seal, an independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting the manufacturing, purchasing, selling and using of environmentally responsible products and services.

Are you ready to save money and promote health with affordable green cleaning services? Get in touch with us.