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Archive for October, 2018

commercial cleaning company

What to Expect from a Commercial Cleaning Company

  Knowing what to expect from a commercial cleaning company can be tricky. Especially if your cleaning service comes at odd hours, you may never see them, and you’re probably unsure how to tell if you’re getting what you paid for. Sure, you can check to see if the trash cans are emptied and at what time they come and go, but without context you may not know exactly what you can expect from a commercial cleaning company. More goes into a quality commercial cleaning company than just a spotless clean. Your provider should also give you great customer service,…

Why Communication Matters in Commercial Cleaning

Some commercial cleaning companies are big fans of the idea that “silence is golden.” They communicate with their clients as little as possible. The line of thought is this: the only time that clients want to communicate with their commercial cleaning company is when there are messes, mistakes, or complaints. Those are all bad things. Therefore, communication will probably be a bad thing – so the less of it there is, the better. After winning a contract, these companies do their best to fade into the background at the sites they serve, until, ideally, people forget they even exist at…

commercial cleaning service

Top 5 Skills Cleaning Employees Should Have

The job of an environmental hygienist involves much more than cleaning up spills and taking out the trash. As a matter of fact, that’s why we prefer the term environmental hygienist over janitor. As any good commercial cleaning service knows, our employees have to know a lot more than your typical house cleaner. Let’s take a look at five skills top cleaning employees should know how to do. Handling of Bodily Fluids Depending on the clients of your commercial cleaning service, you may have to know how to handle bodily fluids. In order to handle bloodborne pathogens, you have to…