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What to Expect from a Commercial Cleaning Company

commercial cleaning company


Knowing what to expect from a commercial cleaning company can be tricky. Especially if your cleaning service comes at odd hours, you may never see them, and you’re probably unsure how to tell if you’re getting what you paid for. Sure, you can check to see if the trash cans are emptied and at what time they come and go, but without context you may not know exactly what you can expect from a commercial cleaning company.

More goes into a quality commercial cleaning company than just a spotless clean. Your provider should also give you great customer service, reporting, customizable service options and happy cleaning hygienists.

Let’s take a look at all the things you should expect from a great commercial cleaning company.

A Spotless Clean


First and foremost, you should expect a spotless clean. After all, that’s what they’re there for. And by a spotless clean, we really mean spotless.

What makes a commercial cleaning company great is all in the details. Are the trash cans consistently emptied with well-hung bags? Is the kitchen cleaned including occasional deep cleanings such as cleaning inside the oven or fridge? Is there visible dust in the nooks and crannies?

But a great clean doesn’t only come from how thorough your hygienists are. Your commercial cleaning company should also be using high-quality professional cleaning equipment. When cleaning a commercial building, the right equipment is essential. There’s no way a building cleaning service can clean an entire office park with just a mop and a bucket. For the best clean, you need professional-grade equipment.

Quality Assurance


Your commercial cleaning company should have some means of quality assurance. Not just for internal means, but to offer their clients as well.

The Wilburn Company takes quality control seriously. Not only do we have a set program in place, but our program consists of staff members dedicated just to quality assurance. A Quality Control manager works with a team of quality control inspectors. This team is dedicated to just one client or group of facilities, depending on the size of the building.

At The Wilburn Company, we also use a proprietary Performance Measurement Management program. This program works in tandem with our green cleaning initiative to ensure that all of our client’s goals are met. Part of assuring quality also has to do with meeting our client’s expectations.

Great Communication


Some commercial cleaning companies think that no communication is the best communication. After all, if a client is calling, it’s only to complain right? Clearly, we don’t subscribe to this practice here at The Wilburn Company.

You should expect great communication from your commercial cleaning company team. Frequent communication gives your commercial cleaning company the opportunity to meet your needs. Especially if you have a preference of times for cleaning or an order in which you want specific offices cleaned.

Communication between you and your commercial cleaning company should include quarterly business meetings, regular phone calls, reports after cleaning, and a comprehensive kickoff to set expectations.

Variety of Cleaning Options


Your building’s needs may change over time as your tenants change or your own business reacts to your industry. Your commercial cleaning company should be able to meet those needs as they change over time.

Perhaps an environmental group moves in and they’re particularly concerned what chemicals are used to clean the building. Your commercial cleaning company may be able to offer you a green cleaning service that uses fewer harmful chemicals and conserves water.

But what about when a government group that deals with controlled information moves in? Is your commercial cleaning company cleared to be around sensitive data? A secure cleaning service would be able to handle those needs by providing you with a team that has security clearance.

Can your commercial cleaning company handle your needs when your building downsizes or upgrades? Part of being a high quality commercial cleaning company is the ability to handle when your client’s needs change. The Wilburn Company works with any size organization, from one building store to office parks and huge commercial buildings.

Highly Trained Hygienists


The more training your hygienists receive, the better quality clean you’ll receive. You should expect your commercial cleaning company to have highly-trained staff that have a variety of certifications.

At the Wilburn Company, our staff are trained in everything from specialized cleaning services like green cleaning, to personnel management and blood borne pathogen cleaning procedures. Your hygienists should be able to handle whatever you or your tenants throw at them.

Training matters triple-fold when you work with hazardous materials. A commercial cleaning company that mishandles used needles could wind up with a seriously hurt employee. But training isn’t just for our hygienist’s protection, it’s also to protect your property and your staff.

Environmental hygienists work with dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. A chemical spill, such as bleach or ammonia, could severely compromise the air quality in your office building, potentially shutting down your business. On the other hand, a dirty kitchen can more easily transmit disease— that goes double for your office bathrooms.

Expect the Wilburn Clean


The Wilburn Company prioritizes quality. As a commercial cleaning company, we understand that our work can have a significant impact on your business, hopefully for the better. That’s why we make sure we communicate with our clients through nightly reports and comprehensive kickoff meetings.

We also take quality control seriously and use our dedicated quality control staff and highly-trained personnel to make sure your building receives a spotless clean every time. With Wilburn, you don’t have to worry about your cleaning needs changing over time. We pride ourselves on the wide variety of services we have to offer and the range of building sizes that we clean.

When you’re trying to figure out what to expect from your commercial cleaning company, expect the Wilburn clean. We understand what you need from your commercial cleaning company in order for your business to run efficiently.

Looking for your next commercial cleaning company? Contact the Wilburn Company today.