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Archive for May, 2019

cleaning provider

What’s Included in Government Cleaning Services

When most people think of the White House, the Pentagon or the National Institute of Health, they think of large machines of government, creating policies, changing laws, and protecting the nation. However, even policymakers need their buildings cleaned. As a government cleaning provider, Wilburn is proud to serve our government officials. Government cleaning requires a specific set of skills and extremely trustworthy staff. While vacuuming the White House may not require a different technique than vacuuming any other building, it does require a staff that has undergone a security clearance and background investigation. Here’s what’s included in our government cleaning…

The Importance of Employee Recognition

At The Wilburn Company, we believe that our people are our greatest strength. We have a great team, and we’re proud of the good work that our employees do every day to keep buildings safe and healthy through effective cleaning. Sometimes, though, our employees go above and beyond our already-high expectations. To honor this, we’re intentional in recognizing our employees, with the hope that, in turn, they’re empowered to continue going above and beyond. Let’s take a look at a recent noteworthy event worth to illustrate how employee recognition plays out at our company. Action Worth Recognizing On the evening…

commercial janitorial services

Why You Need Custodial Services for Real Estate Management

As a property owner, you’re proud of your real estate investment. It takes years of hard work, expertise, and grit to invest in real estate. It’s an important investment. With all of those factors included, it’s important to keep your building in good shape. When it comes to maintaining your building, you may first consider choosing the best property management company, landscaper, or picking responsible tenants. But the commercial janitorial services that you choose also play a big role in maintaining your building. Commercial janitorial services increase the longevity of your building, keep your tenants happy, and much more. Reduce…