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Archive for August, 2019

Why Cleaning is More Than a Commodity

Cleaning is more than a commodity. The cleaning industry has always faced a level of stigma, largely on the basis of misconception. Take these commonly held myths, for example: People think that cleaning is a static industry. It’s not. It’s dynamic. Technology and innovations are evolving the cleaning profession just as they’re evolving other professions. People think that cleaning doesn’t require training or skill. It does. Extensive training is required in order to provide high-quality cleaning services (to say nothing of GS-42 certified services). People think that cleaning is for aesthetics. Cleaning is for health. Looking clean is important. But…

building cleaning company

How High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money

Picture this. You’re walking into your neighborhood grocery store. You notice dirt on the floor, dust on the packages and there’s a weird smell that probably means it has been quite a while since the trash was emptied. Even if the groceries look great—you probably won’t want to go there unless you absolutely have to. A dirty building means that you’re losing customers. Dirty buildings ruin first impressions and even your reputation. But that’s not all that’s at stake. An unclean environment is costing you money. Here’s how a building cleaning company can save you money. Increase Productivity Have you…

green cleaning company

What Makes a Company “Green?”

As the climate crisis continues to loom over all of us, you may start to think about what your company can do to help. When the Wilburn Company “went green” in 2018, we did so because of a need to be environmentally-responsible and give back to the world around us. If you’re feeling pressured to make the same commitment, you may be wondering how you can go green. What procedures need to change? How do you increase your energy efficiency? How can you get your employees involved? As a green cleaning company, we’ve been there and done that. Here are…