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How High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money

building cleaning company

Picture this. You’re walking into your neighborhood grocery store. You notice dirt on the floor, dust on the packages and there’s a weird smell that probably means it has been quite a while since the trash was emptied. Even if the groceries look great—you probably won’t want to go there unless you absolutely have to.

A dirty building means that you’re losing customers. Dirty buildings ruin first impressions and even your reputation. But that’s not all that’s at stake. An unclean environment is costing you money. Here’s how a building cleaning company can save you money.

Increase Productivity

Have you ever tried to work in a dirty environment? No one wants to type on a keyboard that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in the last year—or longer. This can greatly slow down your employees. If they’re spending more time cleaning their office space than working, you’re losing money.

A building cleaning company can actually help you increase the productivity of your employees. Clean and organized work environments allow them to work efficiently, without pausing to tidy up their own workspace or even community spaces.

Your cleaning company also prevents the spread of germs by sanitizing the office. Fewer germs mean fewer sick days and more productive employees. After all, it can be difficult to be productive when you’re constantly coughing. Or listening to a sick coworker blow their nose all day long.

Lengthen the Lifespan of Building Materials

Does your building have hardwood floors? Carpets? A great building cleaning company can increase the lifespan of these materials and more. After months of trapping grime, dust, and hair your office carpets will start to look a bit lackluster if they’re not cleaned regularly, to say the least. Regular cleaning prevents dirt from becoming too deeply trapped in the fibers to come out and can prevent your carpets from becoming threadbare.

Wood floors often take the most wear and tear. During all seasons of the year, a fine layer of dirt can settle on the surface, which is then constantly ground down into the floor by many sets of shoes walking across it. If not frequently cleaned, this has an impact similar to fine sandpaper.

Your building cleaning company doesn’t just elongate the lifespan of your floors. It can also prevent you from having to replace lights and other building materials as often. Your cleaning company is often the first person to notice and treat a mold infestation.

Enhance Building Resale Value

Are you thinking of selling your building anytime soon? In this case, your building cleaning company doesn’t just save you money on maintenance and employee productivity. It can actually make you money by increasing your building’s resale value. A clean, well-taken care of building will often sell for higher prices than one that is grimy and poorly-taken care of.

A great cleaning is often a good idea right before a showing to a potential buyer. Beautiful shining surfaces and floors, as well as natural lighting pouring in through clean windows, presents a much more appealing picture than a building that needs a good clean, with a layer of dust on everything.

Fix Red Flags Before They Become a Problem

A small crack appears on the plastic casing on your hanging fluorescent light. The crack is spreading from a screw that is essential to hold the casing onto the light. No one notices. People continue to walk by directly underneath it. The screw gives way and the shade sags a little. Still, no one notices. All the pressure of holding on the casing moves onto the next screw. After a while, that screw also gives way. One end of the casing swings down off of the light and hits one of your employees in the head.

When was the last time you looked at all the lights in your building? A great building cleaning company inspects all of your fixtures every time they clean them. When an environmental hygienist notices something that could be a problem, they’ll notify you and keep it on your radar to have fixed. Your building cleaning company can be an essential part of noticing small issues and solving them before they become a big problem. For example, in the scenario above a building cleaning company could have saved you the hassle of paying workers compensation, replacing all the lights in your building, and fixing any damage caused by the swinging casing.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Remember the scene with the grocery store at the beginning of this article? You probably wouldn’t be a very happy customer if you had to shop at a dirty grocery store. Because of this, you’d only go to that store when you absolutely had to. Happy customers are loyal customers and your building cleaning company is a big part of keeping your patrons happy.

Whether you own an office building, retail store, or even a warehouse, keeping your building clean is a big part of keeping your customers happy. A clean environment offers more eye appeal and a relaxed, comfortable feeling. When an environment is dirty, customers feel as though they have to watch where they step and aren’t as comfortable handling the merchandise. Don’t lose customers due to a dirty building.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

What does your building look like from the outside? If you notice dirty windows, fingerprints all over your door, and a grimy-looking doorknob, then it’s time to work with a building cleaning company that knows how to boost your curb appeal. A clean exterior is essential in having an eye-catching exterior.

A great cleaning company can ensure that your windows are clean both outside and in, there isn’t any litter floating around your entryway and that any glass accents are fingerprint and streak-free. A clean and welcoming front entrance will encourage new customers to come on in. New business is always a great way to save money.

Whether you need cleaning services for a secure building or for real estate investment, the Wilburn Company can provide you with a superior clean that saves you money. Find out more about what makes our cleaning services so great at our quality assurance page.