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Archive for October, 2019

commercial vacuuming

The Benefits of Commercial Vacuuming

Commercial vacuuming is an essential part of every office cleaning routine. Along with deep sanitization of bathrooms, mopping, and more, your office needs commercial vacuuming as part of a successful office cleaning checklist. So, what is commercial vacuuming? And how can it be done effectively? It’s a bit different from vacuuming your home or apartment. Commercial vacuuming uses industrial equipment designed for prolonged and consistent use. They also come with commercial power cords to keep your office safe and prevent sparking. Better for the Environment Commercial vacuuming is better for the environment than the office cleaning staple of wet mopping…

janitorial services

The Most Important Areas to Clean in Your Office and Why

There’s nothing better than having a freshly cleaned office. It smells nice, looks great, and even better, it fosters productivity and contentment among employees. And while every area of your office should be cleaned well, some areas are more important to deep clean than others in terms of the spread of disease and employee/customer satisfaction. The most commonly used spaces foster a greater spread of germs, due to more community interaction. Other areas of your office are important to sanitize due to the presence of consumables or fecal matter. Here are the areas of your office that you need to…

The Power of Transparency in Cleaning

The cleaning industry has traditionally been viewed as a utility in that the outcomes of service have been binary. In the same way that electricity is either on or off, cleaning is either effective or it isn’t; things are either clean or they’re dirty. A lack of transparency has accompanied that perspective, because when the most important factor is whether or not something’s working, there’s no need to see behind the scenes. People complain when the power goes out. Very few people are vocal about optimizing and understanding the power grid. But things are changing. Leaders in today’s cleaning industry…