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The Most Important Areas to Clean in Your Office and Why

janitorial services

There’s nothing better than having a freshly cleaned office. It smells nice, looks great, and even better, it fosters productivity and contentment among employees. And while every area of your office should be cleaned well, some areas are more important to deep clean than others in terms of the spread of disease and employee/customer satisfaction. The most commonly used spaces foster a greater spread of germs, due to more community interaction. Other areas of your office are important to sanitize due to the presence of consumables or fecal matter.

Here are the areas of your office that you need to pay extra attention to when cleaning.

Door Handles

You may not realize it, but your office door handles are one of the dirtiest pieces of equipment in the office. Even when you send Jane Doe home when she comes in sick, she still has to touch the door handle to leave the building. Depending on how recently she sneezed, coughed, or touched her eyes, she’s going to leave some number of germs on the doorknob. The next person who comes along also has to touch the doorknob in order to leave or enter the room.

Door handles are one of the biggest causes of the spread of disease due to the absolute necessity of use by everyone, sick or not. Jane Doe can avoid the kitchen area when she’s sick, but she still has to touch the door handle on the front entrance. Janitorial services can really cut down on the spread of disease by regularly cleaning the doorknobs in your office. If the proper disinfectants are used consistently, the majority of the most infectious germs on your doorknobs will die.

Front Entrance

Your front entrance isn’t just how your employees come into work each day. It’s your only chance to make a great first impression on new clients. If you present them with dirty floors, a grimy looking reception area, and stained seating, they may second-guess working with your company. But if your commercial cleaning company helps you present a clean and appealing waiting room, your customers are more prepared for a good experience with your company.

Kitchen Areas

Kitchen areas are often high-use spaces. Employees will heat up their lunches there and, some days, breakfast and dinner too. All of the food traffic through the area means that a spill will happen at some point in time. Soup will become overheated in the microwave and splash over the sides, or someone will accidentally knock over their daily coffee or soda. Besides spills, kitchens also collect the majority of food waste. Trash that sits for too long can start to smell and attract pests like flies and rodents. Unsanitary conditions or rotting food in the fridge can even make your workers sick.

This is where janitorial services step in. A deep sanitization of your kitchen should happen often. Trash should be thrown out daily and any spills that could attract ants will need to be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. Your commercial cleaning company can prevent increased sick time with a comprehensive and consistent cleaning of your kitchen area.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors don’t just need to be cleaned to get the beautiful shine that is so often hidden by grime. It also protects them from damage. Over time, all of that build-up of dust and dirt creates a coating that is similar to sandpaper. Every time someone walks across a dirty hardwood floor, they’re slowly grinding in the top layer and scratching the surface. Over time, this means you’ll have to replace the flooring in your building—not a cheap endeavor.

Your janitorial team can keep this sandpaper effect from impacting your hardwood floors with constant sweeping and mopping with a hardwood conditioner. This will not only remove dirt, but keep your floors protected from future grime.

Carpeting and Rugs

Let’s talk carpets. While entryways rugs are extremely useful for protecting your floors from mud and dirt, they also trap dust, allergens, and other pollutants. Over time, these carpets become saturated and can actually lead to lower indoor air quality in your building. Most cleaning services use harsh chemicals to clean carpets, which does remove allergens and dirt build-up, but also reduces the quality of the fibers of the carpet themselves. This reduces your carpets’ lifespan and its ability to trap dirt.

High-quality janitorial services can provide non-damaging cleaning to your carpets that maintains good indoor air quality and prevents dirt from ruining your floors.

Using an experienced and knowledgeable cleaning team is essential when it comes to high-quality janitorial services.

At the Wilburn Company, not only do we understand the importance of great cleaning services and their role in cutting down on sick days and increasing employee productivity, but we have the years of experience to back it up. To learn more about how the Wilburn Company assures all of our clients the best possible clean, check out our Quality Assurance page.