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The Benefits of Commercial Vacuuming

commercial vacuuming

Commercial vacuuming is an essential part of every office cleaning routine. Along with deep sanitization of bathrooms, mopping, and more, your office needs commercial vacuuming as part of a successful office cleaning checklist.

So, what is commercial vacuuming? And how can it be done effectively?

It’s a bit different from vacuuming your home or apartment. Commercial vacuuming uses industrial equipment designed for prolonged and consistent use. They also come with commercial power cords to keep your office safe and prevent sparking.

Better for the Environment

Commercial vacuuming is better for the environment than the office cleaning staple of wet mopping or carpet cleaning. Whereas wet mopping and most carpet cleaners rely on water to clean, vacuums take a more environmentally friendly approach. Industrial vacuum cleaners rely on powerful suction and air circulation to suck up any dirt that may reside on your floors or in your carpets. While industrial vacuums do require electricity to run, the stronger sucking action completes the job in a faster time span than your household cleaner, which offsets the cost of electricity.

Commercial vacuuming also uses fewer harsh chemicals than mopping. Wet cleaning methods rely on a detergent or soap to clean carpets, which is often diluted into a water source. After the cleaning is complete, the water needs to be disposed of—with the chemical cleaner still mixed in. This can contaminate waterways if not correctly disposed of.

Industrial vacuum cleaners don’t require any chemicals to create a deep clean. While this dry-cleaning method won’t remove set-in stains as efficiently, it will meet a basic level of deep clean for most carpets and hardwood floors that doesn’t require any water or chemicals.

Reduces Allergens

Over time, micro-particles such as dust, pollen, dead skin cells, and even mold spores can become trapped in your carpets and in the cracks of your hardwood floors. Regular commercial vacuuming can reduce the presence of these allergens. Industrial vacuums can suck up these particles from even the deepest crevices of your carpet and remove them from the office.

However, keep in mind that for a short time during the vacuuming period, the air in the office will circulate more quickly and may stir up some allergens before they are sucked inside the vacuum.

The best way to use commercial vacuuming to reduce allergens in your workplace is to vacuum overnight when there are fewer employees present. It’s also best practice to vacuum at least on a weekly basis to prevent a large buildup of allergies in carpet fibers or other flooring crevices. When using an industrial vacuum, it’s important to change the bag often to provide optimal suction and efficient cleaning capabilities.

Increases Dirt Trapping Capabilities

Carpets are the lifesaver of every office. Rugs placed at all entryways and exits trap dirt that would otherwise be dragged right into your office. Special fibers hook onto the dirt, pull it deep into the material and hold onto it. This keeps your floors clean and prevents excess dust/dirt buildup. Whether your office has tufted or pile carpets, every type of carpet can become clogged over time. When a carpet has too much dirt buildup, the fibers become saturated and can no longer trap dirt. At this point, the carpet may even begin to let go of some dirt, leading to an office that becomes dirty faster.

Regular commercial vacuuming cleans the dirt and grime out of carpet fibers and frees them up to hold onto more dirt. This can keep your office cleaner for longer. During wet or muddy seasons, like the upcoming winter, you may want to increase the frequency of office vacuuming. The muddier it is outside, the dirtier your carpets become, and the less able they are to hold onto dirt particles.

Prolongs Lifespan of Hardwood Floors

You’ve probably seen them at some point in time. A poorly cared for hardwood floor has a noticeable lack of shine, scratches, and areas of high traffic that are clearly defined by wear patterns. You may not be surprised to hear that commercial vacuuming can help with this. Regular and attentive commercial vacuuming greatly reduces the dirt and sand buildup that destroys your hardwood floors over time.

Look at a picture of your current hardwood floors and compare it to a picture of when they were first put in. Are you starting to see scratches? Wear patterns? Has it lost its shine? High-quality commercial vacuuming can prolong the lifespan of your hardwood floors and prevent you from having to replace them every ten years.

Over time, foot traffic coming from outside to inside carries in small particles of rocks, sand, and other debris from the sidewalk or parking lot. This builds up and creates a fine, unnoticeable layer of “sandpaper” on top of your hardwood floor. Now, every step creates a grinding motion that slowly destroys your once-beautiful floor. Commercial vacuuming prevents this dirt from building up into sandpaper and prolongs the lifespan of your floor by years.

Creates an Attractive Workplace

How do you feel when your house or car is dirty? For many, they’re unable to relax until the area is clean and they can relax and focus once again. The workplace operates the same way. A clean workplace allows customers to relax and enjoy the experience of working with your employees. A sanitary workplace allows your employees to operate at their best and be more productive and attentive to their clients.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one with the help of high-quality commercial vacuuming from the Wilburn Company. Learn more about what we can offer you today.