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Archive for December, 2019

Big Changes and Big Results: The Year in Review

It’s been a big year. While we’re driven toward innovation at The Wilburn Company, we also acknowledge that, in order to maintain a clear perspective, it’s important to have times for reflection, too. This – the end of the year and of the decade – is one of those times. Our team has accomplished a lot over the previous 12 months; it’s worthwhile to recognize and celebrate those accomplishments. To that end, here are some of the highlights from the course of the year. 1. We reorganized for increased effectiveness. We began this year by recognizing the need for focus.…

Are Commercial Janitorial Services Different from Commercial Cleaning?

Who doesn’t love a good Matt Damon movie? One of his most famous is Goodwill Hunting. The movie focuses on a janitor who works at a college for a living. One day after classes are let out, he cracks a mathematical equation that was considered unsolvable. From that point on the movie shifts. Someone who was once viewed as a “lowly janitor” now has a world of opportunities opened in front of him. It’s a great movie, winning several Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Critics’ Choice awards. But it’s also a good example of how the public views a commercial…

commercial cleaning services

What Services Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Provide?

A commercial cleaning company does much more than just empty the trashcans and wipe down your kitchen. While these are important pieces of what we do, the Wilburn Company offers much more than just basic custodial services. At the Wilburn Company, we go above and beyond your every day clean and offer customized solutions for every situation. Keep reading to learn more about the full range of commercial cleaning services we provide. Commercial Custodial Services Let’s start with the basics. Our environmental hygienists perform a wide variety of tasks that maintain a sanitary workplace. These include vacuuming carpets, dusting, sweeping,…

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Commercial cleaning services cost from $.05 to $.25 per square foot. Premium services (deep cleaning, add-ons like floor waxing, or specialty services for healthcare or highly secure facilities) may cost $0.50 per square foot. Obviously, these square-footage costs vary widely depending on the size of the facility and the scope of services delivered. Here’s how they translate as cumulative costs at commercial buildings of various sizes and service levels: Sq. Footage     Minimum Service    High Service    Premium Service    ($0.05 per square foot)    ($0.25 per square foot)    ($0.50 per square foot)    8,000 $400 $2,000…