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5 Ways to Understand the True Value of Facility Cleaning

Commercial Green Cleaning

It doesn’t really matter what type of business you run, you will always want others to see you in the best light possible. This will definitely help lead your company to more business and higher profits.

So why would you think twice about the cost of a professional facility cleaning service?

Bringing in a commercial cleaning team to oversee the cleanliness of your facility speaks volumes about your building, and your priorities. Remember, keeping up appearances can have a huge impact on your company’s reputation and its bottom line.

Here are five things that will help you understand the true value of facility cleaning, from one of the leading facility cleaning companies in Maryland.

Facility Cleaning Helps With First Impressions

When a customer or client enters your workplace, they may not realize it, but they are judging you by the surroundings.

This is natural for everyone. Think about the last time you went into a friend’s house. Was it messy or clean? Chances are, you took note of the manner in which they lived and decided whether or not you wanted to visit them again.

The same can be said about your building. If a prospective client walks into your building for the first time, what will their reaction be? Are you OK with them walking around your building, visiting offices, going to the bathroom? If you started feeling a little nervous about those questions, then just think about what they’ll be thinking when they see your facility.

It’s simple – if you don’t take pride in your office space, what does that say about your work ethic?

A Clean Workplace is a Healthy Workplace

We’ve talked before about the importance of cleanliness in the workplace in regards to employee health. It’s important to keep up appearances, but the No. 1 goal in keeping your facility clean should be to keep your employees healthy.

If you provide a clean, germ-free, and uncluttered workplace, your employees will be more productive. Daily scheduled cleanings after work hours to eliminate germs before they are passed around the office and take entire departments off-line due to viral airborne illnesses is just smart business.

What’s more, you can keep building tenants and visitors healthy by removing the unseen allergens from the premises, such as dust and other harmful particles. If you let dust build up, the cleaning process is more costly and labor intensive.

Facility Cleaning Keeps Your Employees Healthy

If unsanitary work conditions cause employees to get sick, then there’s a good chance they’re going to be out of work for a few days. If it’s something contagious, there’s a chance many of your employees will be out for a few days – or longer, depending on their overall health.

While you might think you’re saving money by using a cut-rate cleaning company or paying someone to come by twice a week to mop the floors and take out the trash, you’re going to end up losing money with all of the sick days your employees are about to take. Not only are you paying them to be home sick, they’re also not working, meaning – once again – you are losing money.

Bathrooms are Germ Magnets

If you walked into any of the bathrooms in your facility right now, would you be OK with what you saw? Would a potential client? Bathrooms are a breeding ground for germs of all types.

A bathroom in any workplace is going to get a lot of use throughout the day. If you don’t have a cleaning regime, there’s a good chance people are going to get sick. For example, did you know there are 21 times more germs on a bathroom faucet handle than on a toilet seat?

If you don’t have someone coming in on a regular basis to thoroughly clean the bathrooms – with the right cleaners – people might get sick or, at least, not be happy to work in that facility.

Bacteria isn’t just for the breakroom or the bathroom. Did you know that the average desktop in an office has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat?

It’s important to have the right people in place to regularly disinfect surfaces throughout your facility.

Hit You Where You Work

We spend almost half of our day in the workplace and if not cleaned properly, they can be breeding grounds for disease-causing molds and allergens. Minor and major contagious diseases can travel quickly through the workplace, if not properly cleaned.

Keep your office morale and productivity levels high by bringing in the right partner to keep your facility clean.

At The Wilburn Company, we take pride in making sure your facility is clean from top to bottom, every day. We work with you to let you know what you need and when you need it. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your facility cleaning in Maryland and around the DC region.