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How Technology is Transforming Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Technology

Cleaning services are different today than they were a decade ago. In ten years, cleaning services will be vastly different from their current form.

In other words, this isn’t a static industry. The skills that cleaners need are changing. Techniques that cleaners use are changing. The products and tools that enable cleaning service are constantly being innovated.

The cleaning industry is dynamic. And it’s being transformed by technology.

At The Wilburn Company, we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of cleaning service. Continued growth is part of our commitment to our clients, and it helps us to deliver the high level of quality that our partners expect. Accordingly, we’ve incorporated technology tools at several levels of our company over the past several years to continue delivering premier service.

Here’s what that transformation has entailed.

A Biometric Timekeeping System

Biometric timekeeping involves using biomarkers (fingerprints, facial scans, etc.) to allow employees to log the time they’ve worked. It presents a host of benefits and efficiencies that we’re able to pass on to our partners.

Biometric timekeeping makes clocking in easier for employees – a quick scan is all it takes, and hours are automatically logged. It also ensures accuracy in timekeeping – it’s impossible for another individual to log in an employee who’s absent, for example – which ensures accuracy in service delivery for our clients.

A Mobile App and Workorder System

We’ve also developed a mobile app and workorder system that make service reviews quick and requests simple.

Clients can request specific workorders (i.e. “Powerwash the front sidewalks”) or simply access service reports around hours worked, inspection results, and more. The TWC Performance Platform has made workflows clear, enhanced the organization of our crews and services, and even allowed us to be proactive in delivering service and communication.

Finally, our technology platforms have empowered our Performance Management auditing process. With the tech, we’re able to document work and needs for maximized quality assurance, then use the resulting business intelligence to optimize the way our services are provided. The outcome is more effective cleaning.

Cutting-Edge Cleaning Products and Procedures

Finally, technology has also enhanced the products and procedures that we use to keep buildings clean on a daily basis.

Green cleaning products, for example, are certified by organizations like Green Seal to be less harmful to the environment and to humans while maintaining high standards of cleanliness. These are huge improvements on traditional products and chemicals, which gave the appearance of cleanliness but be harmful to human health, especially through continued exposure.

We practice updated procedures, too, that are intelligently designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing cleanliness. All Wilburn employees receive comprehensive training on these techniques.

Ready for Cutting-Edge Cleaning?

Technology is shifting how the world works, and it’s not leaving the cleaning industry untouched. Cleaning is changing, and the companies that can continue to innovate will be the ones that are able to deliver the highest levels of service and the best levels of cleanliness.

At The Wilburn Company, that’s what we strive to do.

If you’re ready for cutting-edge cleaning in your facility, get in touch with us today, online or at 410-789-3320.