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Meet the Wilburn Company: Elex Delmonico

“He… always tries to reach the top of the mountain but [when] he realizes that the top of that mountain is the bottom of the next mountain—he just keeps on climbing.”

This metaphor describes someone exceptional at what they do— a professional athlete, a successful CEO, a top politician, and Elex Delmonico.

According to Wilburn Company Building Manager Luke Raymond, Delmonico is a Wilburn Company Day Porter who is committed to working with excellence every day.

“He lives this,” Raymond explained, referring to the above quote, “For a young man, it’s very impressive.”

Starting Strong

Elex’s quality of work made him stand out starting from his first days at Wilburn Company around five years ago.

Luke Raymond, Delmonico’s Manager, said that he was showing excellent work at the building assigned to him even from the beginning. He was also always willing to go to another building if needed at the drop of a hat.  

It didn’t take long for Elex’s can-do attitude to be noticed. He was assigned more buildings to clean.

He is currently responsible for cleaning four buildings instead of the standard one.

“Some people would complain that that’s too much or not my job,” Raymond said. “But unless it’s extreme, no one in our line of work should say that, and Elex doesn’t.”

Solving Problems with Critical Thinking

Even with his extended responsibilities, Elex makes his managers’ and clients’ lives easier with his problem-solving approach.

Raymond explained that his hard-working Day Porter knows how to make logical decisions to keep him on track throughout the day.

When clients request a task that he wasn’t assigned, Elex often completes the extra work and his usual responsibilities without losing any time.

He also understands when to call his managers or when to make quick decisions himself.

Delmonico uses his abilities to safely interact with all of Wilburn Company’s green cleaning products and machinery. He is also cleared to work in the daytime cleared portfolio.

“He uses his critical thinking skills to accomplish the goal of keeping a safe, clean environment for our customers to work in…He’s an [employee] we wish we could duplicate,” Luke Raymond remarked.

Going Above and Beyond

After speaking with those who work with Elex, it becomes clear how customer-centric he is in his job.

“He just wants to make his customers happy,” Raymond said. “He does this in an exceptional manner that is probably above the standards that we have.”

The Wilburn Company Building Manager recalled a recent instance where Elex demonstrated excellent client service skills.

Raymond recounted that a client reached out to him in an email commending his team and singling out Elex as someone who was particularly helpful to her.

She explained that plant had created a huge mess in a sink, and Elex had brought it to her attention towards the end of a day.

The client told Elex she would clean it in the morning.

He simply cleaned up all the mess for her without making a fuss so she wouldn’t need to later.

“I wanted you to know you have a good employee in him. He sees things that to be cleaned that I didn’t even know about until I see them cleaned. He does a great job,” the client commended.

Raymond said he believes that it is essential for workers to take pride in what they do, and he knows for sure that Elex does because of this commendation.

Going Forward

The Wilburn Company appreciates Elex’s hard-working efforts in his five years here, and we’re excited to see what he will succeed in next.

In these current times, cleaning services are more important than ever. With exceptional employees like Elex Delmonico, we are ready to meet all your green cleaning needs.

From all of us at The Wilburn Company, thank you, Elex!