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Archive for February, 2017

Green Clean Recycling Program

What Does Green Cleaning in Maryland Really Mean?

If you’re in the business of facility management in Maryland, chances are good that you’ve heard the term “green cleaning” used before. And, if you’ve looked into commercial cleaning services at any time over the past five years, the chances are nearly one hundred percent that you’ve heard of green cleaning. That’s because the rise of green cleaning in Maryland is one of the biggest janitorial trends of the past decade. And, as companies and consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, it doesn’t appear destined to fade anytime soon. That’s a good thing. But what, exactly, does green cleaning really mean?…

Office Cleaning Company

3 Tips from an Office Cleaning Company in MD

It’s easy to ignore little things – a crumb here and there, a paper out of place, a bit of dust on your computer tower – but when you ignore little things for a long time, you may start to feel like your office has become filthy all at once. Cleaning your workplace a little at a time every day is vital to doing your best work. And, there are health benefits that come from no longer sitting surrounded by dust and dirt for 8 hours a day. As a commercial cleaning company, we’ll take care of your cleaning needs,…

Green Cleaning in DC

How to Choose Commercial Cleaning Services in DC

The Washington, D.C. area has a unique office culture. The fast-paced, constantly changing style of DC politics has bred a similarly paced corporate culture in the surrounding area. For all of the change, though, there’s one thing that remains the same: there’s always cleaning to be done. At The Wilburn Company, we’ve spent nearly two decades providing commercial cleaning services in DC. Throughout that time we’ve learned that, regardless of political trends, there are always upper shelves that need to be dusted and carpet that needs to be cleaned. And our longevity extends to our employees: our supervisors average ten…