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3 Tips from an Office Cleaning Company in MD

Office Cleaning Company

It’s easy to ignore little things – a crumb here and there, a paper out of place, a bit of dust on your computer tower – but when you ignore little things for a long time, you may start to feel like your office has become filthy all at once. Cleaning your workplace a little at a time every day is vital to doing your best work. And, there are health benefits that come from no longer sitting surrounded by dust and dirt for 8 hours a day. As a commercial cleaning company, we’ll take care of your cleaning needs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your personal space spic-and-span to stay organized.

Since you likely won’t be having a professional office cleaning company in MD make daily visits to your personal space, we’ll give you some pro tips to keep your work space clean when we aren’t around.

Office Cleaning Tip #1: Stop Eating Over Your Computer

Sure, maybe you have to work through lunch sometimes to meet deadlines. And maybe you absolutely have to eat Cheetos by the handful, thereby covering your entire workspace in orange dust and crumbs. Look at the time, you have to have this project done in an hour! No time to clean, you’ll get to it later, right? Except that you don’t, and now you’ve got greasy stains on your mouse and keyboard which will eat away at the materials on your valuable electronics.

Not only are these stains and crumbs unsightly, but they can actually cause damage over time if they get underneath the keys of a keyboard, significantly decreasing the life span of something that you’d usually expect to replace only once every several years. While it’s true that sometimes you need to sneak a lunch break in wherever you can, it only takes a couple of minutes every now and again to wipe down your electronics and keep them functioning at their best.

Office Cleaning Tip #2: File Things Now Rather than Later

If you’re always finding yourself too busy to file things as you go along, why not do it now? If you’re too busy now and you’ll still be too busy later, what’s the difference, right? The difference is that you’ll feel better about your workspace sooner if you do it now instead. Decluttering your files – whether they’re physical paper copies or electronic folders – will help you to feel like you have a handle on things and keep you from being overwhelmed about a daunting task that only gets harder the longer you wait.

Office cleaning companies will do a lot for you, but we can’t tell you where last month’s projection file goes. When you have a desk covered in papers (or a desktop covered in .doc files) it can take a day or less to forget where that file belongs or what it even contains. Save your future self the confusion and the office space by keeping tidy as you go along.

Office Cleaning Tip #3: Get Rid of all the Freebie Clutter

That company from across the street came by to hand out magnets with their business info on them! And they even gave you a keychain flashlight with their company logo! Neat! That’s all very nice of them, but when was the last time you used a pinky-sized flashlight in the middle of the work day? And maybe you have the resources to find their contact information online without the magnet that’s already peeling off of your filing cabinets. As much as we all appreciate free things, that doesn’t mean we need to keep them in our work space.

Do yourself a favor and toss out anything in your immediate area that you can’t remember using in the last month; the odds are good that you don’t really need it at all, but you just feel guilty about throwing it out. And if you truly can’t bring yourself to throw away a freebie (but it was FREE!) then at least do yourself the bare minimum in terms of tidiness and take the stuff home with you so it’s not cluttering your work space. You can clutter your home space all you like, but take it from an office cleaning company in MD, keep a clean work environment!

Stay Clean – Choose the Best Office Cleaning Company in MD

There’s plenty more you can do to make sure you keep a tidy and healthy work environment, but these are some of the main offenders. As long as you can keep a generally tidy work area, you should find yourself feeling less stressed and more productive. With regular visits from a top office cleaning company in MD, you don’t need to even think about the space outside your immediate area. With The Wilburn Company on your side, just do your best to take care of your desk, and we’ll take care of the rest. Get in touch with us online, or at 410-789-3320