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How We’re Preparing Buildings to Reopen

During this pandemic, most of the country has been working from home. But, as summer approaches, businesses are getting ready to come back to work. This will take strategy and teamwork to do safely. At The Wilburn Company, those are two things we’re deeply familiar with. We’ve been keeping buildings clean and safe for decades – including during the last few months. As the world moves toward reopening, we’re well prepared to take our efforts to the next level to keep people healthy. With that in mind, here’s how we’ve approached cleaning in the time of coronavirus – and how…

Post Coronavirus: An Overview of Effective Disinfecting Procedures

As we navigate the coronavirus situation, there is a lot of uncertainty and tragedy. But there are also glimmers of hope as we move forward together. One small benefit that’s come about in the midst of the crisis has been the improved public perception of front-line workers – including cleaners (or, as we call them, environmental hygienists). In facilities that must stay open, cleanliness is crucial.  The Wilburn Company has long proclaimed the value of our employees, but it’s very gratifying to see their very important work being newly appreciated and valued by the public! Today, there’s simply no denying…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Mandel Foster, Building Supervisor

Mandel Foster has been with The Wilburn Company for over 20 years. It’s an impressive service record, even if, he acknowledges with a wry chuckle, it points to the fact that he’s not as young as he used to be. “When I was younger,” Mandel says, “I used to be able to handle anything. I could just grit my teeth and push through it.” He laughs. “Your body slows down a little when you get older, but I still do okay.” As a young man, Foster pushed through a lot of things, often to impressive results. A Background in Hard…

What is Deep Office Cleaning?

Deep office cleaning refers to thorough cleaning procedures that sanitize the parts of a facility that aren’t frequently cleaned. It may also include specialized services, like stripping and waxing floors, machine-washing ceramic tiles, or spot cleaning carpets. Essentially, deep cleaning is the kind of approach you might take at home during “spring cleaning.” You pay special attention to getting areas you normally wouldn’t and are extra thorough in everything; your goal is to get your space to its cleanliest. In deep commercial cleaning for offices, the same principles apply. Let’s take a look at what sets deep office cleaning apart…

Big Changes and Big Results: The Year in Review

It’s been a big year. While we’re driven toward innovation at The Wilburn Company, we also acknowledge that, in order to maintain a clear perspective, it’s important to have times for reflection, too. This – the end of the year and of the decade – is one of those times. Our team has accomplished a lot over the previous 12 months; it’s worthwhile to recognize and celebrate those accomplishments. To that end, here are some of the highlights from the course of the year. 1. We reorganized for increased effectiveness. We began this year by recognizing the need for focus.…