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How Commercial Cleaning Prevents Winter Colds

According to Villanova University, over one year Americans will suffer a collective 1 billion colds. That means 1 billion stuffy noses, sore throats, coughs, and sick days from work. Keeping your employees healthy doesn’t just benefit them, it also benefits your company with increased productivity, more uptime and fewer sick days taken.

Green commercial cleaning, among other commercial cleaning services, can help keep your company running by reducing the spread of illness and preventing those nasty winter colds.

Bacteria-Caused Illness

Colds are spread by touching infected surfaces and then touching your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. Colds can also be spread by inhaling infectious particles or the respiratory secretions of an infected person. The flu is spread the same way, both by inhaling infected air particles and touching infected surfaces.

These illnesses can linger for weeks and cause employees to call out of work, decreasing productivity around your office. If they contract the flu, employees could wind up in the hospital and face serious consequences, including death.

Chemical-Caused Illness

Bacteria aren’t the only thing that causes illness. Chemical exposure can cause serious harm as well. If exposed directly to chemicals, like bleach, skin irritation can occur sometimes resulting in burns. Unfortunately bleach can also cause permanent nerve and tissue damage if it comes in contact with your eyes.

Exposure directly to chemicals isn’t the only way strong chemical compounds can cause illness. Fumes left behind by chemical cleaning products can lead to headaches, respiratory issues, renal, cardiovascular, and problems with almost every human system.

Unfortunately chemicals that are used in every day commercial cleaning products cause some of these same issues.

For example, degreasers can contain benzene, which is known to have a negative effect on the respiratory system, causing chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents are used in dry cleaning products and can also cause illness including kidney tissue damage.

At the end of the day, chemicals are not something to mess around with- even green commercial cleaning ones.

How Green Commercial Cleaning Prevents Sickness

Luckily green commercial cleaning doesn’t just prevent illness from spreading by cleaning infected surfaces, but it cuts down on chemical exposure as well. Whereas your typical commercial cleaning service uses heavily concentrated solutions, oftentimes containing volatile organic compounds, green cleaning cuts down on chemical usage.

Green commercial cleaning focuses on using solutions that contain no volatile organic compounds and are environmentally-friendly. This means fewer lingering fumes around your office space and fewer chemical-related illnesses.

Not only does green commercial cleaning prevent chemical exposure, but it also provides you with environmental hygienists who understand the dangers of overusing chemicals. Because green commercial cleaning employees understand the problems with traditional commercial cleaning, they work to keep your workplace safe by conserving water with new equipment, reducing paper waste, and keeping your office cleaner than ever.

Reducing Spread of Employee Sickness

Green doesn’t mean less clean. Limiting the spread of germs means great green commercial cleaning. Most commercial cleaning companies overdue the usage of heavy chemicals, Wilburn’s green commercial cleaning team knows that diluted chemicals often work just as well, if not better.

As a matter of fact, most green commercial cleaning products go through a stringent process to pick up a Green Seal Certification. This certification is a mark of quality and shows that these cleaning products stood up to the test.

For example, green peroxide cleaners kill bacteria by destroying cell walls, and prevents fungal infections by limiting the spread of and killing spores.

Thorough Green Cleaning Team

Remember how those nasty winter colds are spread? Touching infected surfaces can lead to a week of coughing at work or missing a few days due to a cold. The flu can even put you in the hospital.

Green commercial cleaning doesn’t just limit the spread of illnesses by avoiding chemicals. Green commercial cleaning teams often have more training than your average commercial cleaning hygienist. Not only have they been trained in handling equipment and cleaning products, but they’ve also had training in environmentally-safe methods. This means not flushing harmful chemicals down the drain, or overusing chemicals in poorly ventilated areas.

Flushing chemicals can lead to chemical imbalances in your office’s water supply. Leftover chemical fumes in poorly ventilated areas can take a long time to dissipate and cause poor air quality for employees. Having a thorough green commercial cleaning team means that all of those infected surfaces will be disinfected and safe to touch.

In order for our company to be GS-42 certified, our employees had to go through 24 hours of classes and yearly testing to make sure they’re up to date on the latest methods. Our green commercial cleaning team understands the science behind green cleaning, as well as OSHA guidelines.

The Wilburn Company Keeps You Healthy

We believe that the work our green commercial cleaning teams perform is important. It keeps your office bacteria- and chemical-free, employees healthy, and productive. Green commercial cleaning isn’t just about keeping the environment healthy, it’s about keeping you healthy too.

As a leading green commercial cleaning and government cleaning company in the Maryland and Virginia area, we clean over 9,000,000 square feet every day. And best of all, our clients love us. Check out our website to see what services we can offer you and just why our clients chose us.