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Meet the Wilburn Company: Casey Payne, Vice President of Business Development

With a strong background in sales and a passion for family businesses, Casey Payne brings a unique perspective to the team. In his new role, he aims to help the Wilburn Company expand and establish its brand in the market. Let’s take a closer look at Casey’s background and his plans for the future of the company. As the head of sales for two companies under the parent company Envoy Solutions, Casey was familiar with the Wilburn Company and had previously worked with Chief Operating Officer Robert Baldwin. “Casey impressed me as a young man who had the intelligence, out-of-the-box…

long office building with windows and cars parked in front

Relocating to Success: The Wilburn Company Finds a New Office Space

­­­­In business, a key element of success is the ability to adapt—to stay up to date with changing trends and technology while still maintaining a focus on quality service. For The Wilburn Company, that means it was time to make a change this past December. We are proud to announce that after two and a half decades at our original location, we relocated our offices to accommodate growing needs! Join us as we reflect upon our beginnings and share details about where the company is going next. Why Make the Move? As one of the go-to service providers for corporate…

Reiko George, Wilburn employee, smiling in her Wilburn uniform

Meet the Wilburn Company: Reiko George

Reiko George enjoys one of the most genuine pleasures in life. She loves her job. As a supervisor here at The Wilburn Company, Reiko spends her days working hard for clients and maintaining the Wilburn standard. “I am very fortunate because I love working,” she says. “I love cleaning. I love it!” Her passion for her work is evident, and it all started back in 2014 when Reiko came to The Wilburn Company. Reiko started at her current position after her husband, Derek George, who works for Wilburn as a Custodial Manager, mentioned the opportunity to her. “He introduced me…

Wilburn employee photo of Ernest Smith

Meet the Wilburn Company: Ernest Smith

For Ernest Smith, doing an exceptional job cleaning for Wilburn’s clients is just another night at the office. Literally. This experienced cleaning professional also works another daytime job, but spends his evenings working with our night cleaning crew. Ernest came to us just over 2 years ago after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. He was interested in part-time or night work, so he applied. We’re so pleased he found our ad and came to our family. Although he worked a job as a medical transportation driver before coming to Wilburn, he’s been working in the cleaning industry for over…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Julia Weber

­­­­ At the Wilburn Company, reliable and considerate are words that are synonymous with the name Julia Weber. As one of her managers stated, “When Ms. Julia sees something that needs to be done, she doesn’t wait to be asked, she just takes care of it.” That’s a testament to the positive impression Julia has made over more than 20 years of working for us. Like many of our employees, Julia Weber was hired through a family connection and has enjoyed her time with us. When asked why she has stayed and why she was selected for an employee spotlight,…

Photo of ONCON’s Top 100 COO Nominee: Bob Baldwin

Meet ONCON’s Top 100 COO Nominee: Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin believes that all things happen for a reason. “I am 100% certain that I was meant to be with The Wilburn Company,” he says. His belief in destiny has served him well in his role as COO of The Wilburn Company. He joined The Wilburn Company nearly seven years ago, and his passion and innovative leadership has helped us grow exponentially.  Today, The Wilburn Company is a well-oiled machine, thanks in large part to Bob’s hard work and consistency.  His dedication to his work has earned him a nomination for ONCON’s 2023 Icon List of the Top 100…

woman commercial cleaning door handle

Top 10 Things Most Businesses Forget to Clean

Commercial businesses are full of nooks and crannies that can be easy to forget about during the cleaning process. However, these neglected and hard-to-reach places are often the most important places to take care of in commercial cleaning. Why? Business owners know that a clean commercial space is essential for making a good impression on customers and clients. Preventing dirt and dust buildup not only helps keep your building environment a welcoming and pleasant place to work and visit, but it also helps to prolong the life of your furniture and fixtures. In short, don’t forget about the little things…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Denise Dahler

Denise Dahler knows a thing or two about the power of word of mouth. When Wilburn Manager Tom Foster mentioned to Denise’s husband that they needed more commercial cleaning help, she quickly volunteered. “I just joined in and started working, and I’ve been here ever since,” she says. For Denise, that’s not a light statement – she’s been with Wilburn for over 20 years. She worked her way up from part-time to full-time and is now a supervisor of two buildings. In her time at Wilburn, she’s seen a lot of changes – but one thing remains the same: her…

image for commercial cleaning

The Key to Consistently High Services Levels in Commercial Cleaning

Anyone in the commercial cleaning business knows that it’s not as simple as just mopping a break room floor or emptying the recycling bin. There’s an art to consistently delivering high-quality service. And as with any art, it takes practice, dedication, and a whole lot of elbow grease to perfect. Fortunately, achieving consistently high service levels in commercial cleaning is not an impossible feat. In fact, it can be boiled down to two key foundations: effective communication and a stellar performance management program. At The Wilburn Company, we’ve developed simple and actionable steps to take to incorporate these foundations. We’ve seen great success with this…

day porter cleaning in commercial building setting

Why Your Business Needs a Day Porter

Let’s face it – most commercial buildings can get messy fast. We’ve all seen sticky spills, busy lobbies, fast-filling trash bins, messy break rooms, and post-storm debris. These are just a few of a myriad of issues that can occur during the day in any work environment. Keeping up with all the activities can be a challenge, to say the least. That’s where a day porter comes in. From sweeping leaves to mopping up spills, an experienced porter can handle it all. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep up with cleaning problems, a day porter might be…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Mike O’Dell

When asked why he was chosen for this month’s employee spotlight, Mike O’Dell responded, “I think it’s because I take the time to get to know the people around me and the [leadership] knows I’ll get the job done.”  “It’s either that or the Dunkin Donuts I bring to the office sometimes,” Mike added with a laugh. This explanation highlights exactly how Mike treats his career at the Wilburn Company—with confidence, determination, and a sense of humor. All these qualities have contributed to the growth and success he’s found during his time here. Hopping On to Help Out Mike first…

image for spring commercial cleaning

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Schedule Spring Cleaning for Your Commercial Building

Spring has sprung! It’s a time for blue skies, April showers, May flowers, and new beginnings. Sometimes a new beginning means cleaning out the old and dirty. In other words, the time for spring cleaning has come. This practice has a long history and continues to be a large part of the spring season for many people. In fact, a recent Bona/Harris Poll survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults found that 93% are planning to spring clean this year. It’s a wise decision for anyone to participate, but it’s especially important for the commercial industry to consider. After all, your…

Top 7 Commercial Cleaning Services in Maryland

Finding the right commercial cleaning service for your company or corporation can be challenging. You want the right fit that meets your standards for cleanliness and health. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the seven top options based on our 20+ years of experience in serving the Maryland area. It is very likely this will help your business find a service well-suited to your needs. 1. The Wilburn Company Is this biased? Yes. Is it true? Yes. We have good reason to be proud of our work. At The Wilburn Company, we provide commercial cleaning for…

Meet the Wilburn Company: Elex Delmonico

“He… always tries to reach the top of the mountain but [when] he realizes that the top of that mountain is the bottom of the next mountain—he just keeps on climbing.” This metaphor describes someone exceptional at what they do— a professional athlete, a successful CEO, a top politician, and Elex Delmonico. According to Wilburn Company Building Manager Luke Raymond, Delmonico is a Wilburn Company Day Porter who is committed to working with excellence every day. “He lives this,” Raymond explained, referring to the above quote, “For a young man, it’s very impressive.” Starting Strong Elex’s quality of work made…

Project Management System

4 Tangible Benefits of Performance Management

It’s hard to improve in something if you don’t have data on the quality of your performance. Without data, we can’t identify our strengths and weaknesses, and that means we may not know how to work to get better. This is why schools have tests – they reveal what students need to work on. It’s part of why sports leagues track stats – so athletes can focus on the skills they need help with. It’s why businesses conduct performance reviews – so employees can understand where they should continue to grow. Commercial cleaning is no different. To do it effectively,…

Remembering Marie Freeman

Marie Freeman passed away last month after a difficult battle with cancer. She had been a member of The Wilburn Company for 21 years, serving in many buildings as a Day Porter and as an Environmental Hygienist. Marie was respected and beloved by all who knew her, on our team and in our community. Bob Baldwin, Chief Operating Officer at The Wilburn Company, puts it this way: “While I didn’t work directly with Marie, I knew her and heard the many stories about the amazing personality and dedication that she always displayed. It is always hard to see someone pass,…

What to Expect from the Fall Cleaning Season

The past couple of years have been a roller coaster ride. We’re not here to recap everything that’s happened. That would probably require a book, and besides, it’s been attempted in plenty of other places. We’re just here to offer thoughts on where things are going, especially where commercial cleaning services are concerned. Because the unfortunate reality is that the rollercoaster is making another circuit around the track; this fall, we’re facing pandemic-related challenges yet again. The good news is that the fundamentals of the course haven’t changed. Commercial cleaning this fall will still bring challenges and opportunities. Here’s what to…

How Performance Management Helps Cleaning Services Continually Improve

“I remember the first time I did a building inspection with one of our project managers and a client,” recalls Chad Conrad, Director of Performance Management at The Wilburn Company. “We went over things and I called out what needed to be cleaned more thoroughly. The project manager was a little surprised – like, ‘Why are you calling out all of these improvement areas so bluntly in front of our client?’” “But the reality is that the client is going to see what needs to be improved. We want to see it clearly, too, so that we can take care of…

Employee Spotlight: Vonderlier Johnson

The pandemic created difficulties for just about everyone last year. But for Vonderlier “Cookie” Johnson, it also created an opportunity. As the world began shutting down, the demand for cleaning began to pick up. The frequency and intensity of cleaning programs increased as everyone focused on maintaining healthy environments. For cleaning companies, that meant fuller schedules – which, in turn, meant asking for additional commitments from employees or hiring new employees to fill new needs. Vonderlier stepped up to the plate. “They were looking for someone to do enhanced cleaning when Covid started,” Vonderlier explains, “and I said, ‘I can do it.’”…

3 Tips to Finish Up Spring Cleaning for Offices in 2021

As we move through the end of spring and get ready to head into summer, it’s a great time to double-check your spring-cleaning list. Winter and early spring lead to a lot of time indoors, which can lead to the accumulation of dirt in buildings. Unfortunately, a dirty office isn’t just an aesthetic issue; it can hurt occupants’ health. A clean office, on the other hand, can keep people safe and benefit your building’s reputation with employees and customers. With that in mind, as the weather warms up, here are three quick tips to help you finish up spring cleaning…