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commercial cleaning services

What Services Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Provide?

A commercial cleaning company does much more than just empty the trashcans and wipe down your kitchen. While these are important pieces of what we do, the Wilburn Company offers much more than just basic custodial services. At the Wilburn Company, we go above and beyond your every day clean and offer customized solutions for every situation. Keep reading to learn more about the full range of commercial cleaning services we provide. Commercial Custodial Services Let’s start with the basics. Our environmental hygienists perform a wide variety of tasks that maintain a sanitary workplace. These include vacuuming carpets, dusting, sweeping,…

commercial cleaning supplies

What are the Most Common Commercial Cleaning Supplies?

To many people, cleaning products are interchangeable and indistinguishable. But when it comes to commercial cleaning supplies, there are some staples that we just can’t live without. At the Wilburn Company, we do our best to use green cleaning supplies that are good for our employees, clients, and the environment. This allows us to offer high-quality cleaning services while reducing the presence of harmful toxins. Because of this, you’ll notice that our list of commercial cleaning supplies incorporates green or reusable versions of the most common tools. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common commercial…

commercial cleaning

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is quite different from residential cleaning. The square footage is larger, the stakes are higher, and expectations are quite different from when you’re caring for your own home. If you’re a new building or business owner, commercial cleaning may not be at the top of your mind until you’re the one left to disinfect several thousand square feet. It’s important to understand that commercial cleaning can make a huge difference in tenant satisfaction and ROI. As a building owner, what do you need to know about the process? What is commercial cleaning? Here’s how it’s different from your…

facility management solutions

The Cleaning Checklist Your Office Needs

Every office has unique needs when it comes to maintaining a high state of cleanliness. But there are some tasks that every office requires. This checklist walks you through the basics of facility management solutions—without the tasks on this list, your office is neither clean nor sanitary. While some tasks can be completed in the moment by your employees, others are best left to the professionals. These include sanitization, deep cleaning, community space cleaning, and polishing. Think of your facility management solutions as the big guns- we come in to provide your office with a level of clean that just…

building cleaning company

How Commercial Cleaning Makes Your Employees More Productive

A business relies on its employees for growth. Without productive and efficient employees, your business will start to stagnate, falter, and fail. But encouraging productivity in your workplace isn’t as simple as it sounds. One way to motivate your employees is to invest in a building cleaning company. A clean office fosters productivity, happy employees, and a sense of pride and community. Here’s how. Clean Workspace Imagine: you come to work to find your desk covered with crumbs from when your coworker was eating a sandwich and came over to ask a question. The top of your computer has a…

Why Cleaning is More Than a Commodity

Cleaning is more than a commodity. The cleaning industry has always faced a level of stigma, largely on the basis of misconception. Take these commonly held myths, for example: People think that cleaning is a static industry. It’s not. It’s dynamic. Technology and innovations are evolving the cleaning profession just as they’re evolving other professions. People think that cleaning doesn’t require training or skill. It does. Extensive training is required in order to provide high-quality cleaning services (to say nothing of GS-42 certified services). People think that cleaning is for aesthetics. Cleaning is for health. Looking clean is important. But…

building cleaning company

How High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money

Picture this. You’re walking into your neighborhood grocery store. You notice dirt on the floor, dust on the packages and there’s a weird smell that probably means it has been quite a while since the trash was emptied. Even if the groceries look great—you probably won’t want to go there unless you absolutely have to. A dirty building means that you’re losing customers. Dirty buildings ruin first impressions and even your reputation. But that’s not all that’s at stake. An unclean environment is costing you money. Here’s how a building cleaning company can save you money. Increase Productivity Have you…

how often should you clean your commercial flooring

The Best Cleaning Method for Your Commercial Flooring

Too often people underestimate the impact of a building’s flooring material. Picture yourself walking into a high-end commercial building. Natural light floods the room and glints off of marble floors that cover the expanse of the lobby area. Instantly, the commercial building gives its owners added class, prestige, and reputation. But with unique floors comes unique cleaning and care needs. The last thing you want is to ruin your nice marble floors by using an acidic cleaner. Or warping your building’s beautiful hardwood by using too much water. When choosing a commercial cleaner for your building, pay extra attention to…

training process for employees

A Look Inside the Wilburn Employee Training Process

How a company trains its employees has a lot of significance for the quality of service you’ll receive. Poor training leads to mistakes, low-quality, and an unprofessional cleaning provider. When you work with a cleaning provider, you have set expectations. You expect a trustworthy cleaning team, a high-quality clean, and the ability to deliver on the standards you set at the beginning of your contract. At the Wilburn Company, we pride ourselves on our training process. With comprehensive training programs ranging from generic custodial training to management training, we believe that continuing education is crucial. Not only does it offer…

commercial janitorial solutions

Are You Making These Office Cleaning Mistakes?

How often does your commercial cleaning provider come to your office? Buildings are cleaned at different intervals, but no matter how often your provider comes, there will likely be times when your team of environmental hygienists isn’t in the building. During these time periods, you may need to perform small office cleaning tasks, such as dealing with spills, replacing the kitchen sponge, and other small chores. Many people don’t realize that when they’re trying to clean, they’re just making it worse. Here are five cleaning mistakes to avoid when your environmental hygienist isn’t there to help. Cleaning Stains Without Stain…

cleaning provider

What’s Included in Government Cleaning Services

When most people think of the White House, the Pentagon or the National Institute of Health, they think of large machines of government, creating policies, changing laws, and protecting the nation. However, even policymakers need their buildings cleaned. As a government cleaning provider, Wilburn is proud to serve our government officials. Government cleaning requires a specific set of skills and extremely trustworthy staff. While vacuuming the White House may not require a different technique than vacuuming any other building, it does require a staff that has undergone a security clearance and background investigation. Here’s what’s included in our government cleaning…

commercial janitorial services

Why You Need Custodial Services for Real Estate Management

As a property owner, you’re proud of your real estate investment. It takes years of hard work, expertise, and grit to invest in real estate. It’s an important investment. With all of those factors included, it’s important to keep your building in good shape. When it comes to maintaining your building, you may first consider choosing the best property management company, landscaper, or picking responsible tenants. But the commercial janitorial services that you choose also play a big role in maintaining your building. Commercial janitorial services increase the longevity of your building, keep your tenants happy, and much more. Reduce…

green cleaning services

5 Ways Your Business Can Celebrate Earth Day

April 22nd, 2019 marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day. The holiday started in 1970 and marked the beginning of the modern environmentalism movement. It was officially founded by Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin Senator. Like few things in US politics, the movement gained bipartisan support and highlighted the shared values between different facets of the American melting pot. The Wilburn Company “went green” in 2018. We committed ourselves to providing green cleaning services to the Washington, D.C. area business community. With the help of the Green Seal organization, we became certified in green cleaning: we implemented new ways to conserve…

commercial cleaning company

How to Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company in DC

When you’re shopping for a commercial cleaning company in DC, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many choices, each one seems to have its own strengths, weaknesses, pros and cons. At the Wilburn Company, we think that there are five strengths that help us to stand out from the crowd. Whether or not you choose us for your commercial cleaning company, you might want to consider these 5 characteristics when deciding on your next cleaning service. Customizable Cleaning Services Every business is unique with different needs, layout, and staff. When choosing a commercial cleaning company, make sure you…

How to Prepare Your Commercial Building for Spring Cleaning

It’s almost time for Spring. Baby birds, blue skies, flowers will start to bloom… and don’t forget about spring cleaning! The practice of spring cleaning has a long history with many different traditions worldwide. In the 1800s, deep cleaning traditionally occurred in the spring after layers of soot and grime from the fireplace and traditional kerosene lamps had built up over the winter. This annual deep clean has a cleansing aspect to it for everyone. Here’s how you can get the most out of spring cleaning for your commercial building. Schedule a Deep Clean While the days of fireplace heating…

commercial cleaning service

Top 5 Skills Cleaning Employees Should Have

The job of an environmental hygienist involves much more than cleaning up spills and taking out the trash. As a matter of fact, that’s why we prefer the term environmental hygienist over janitor. As any good commercial cleaning service knows, our employees have to know a lot more than your typical house cleaner. Let’s take a look at five skills top cleaning employees should know how to do. Handling of Bodily Fluids Depending on the clients of your commercial cleaning service, you may have to know how to handle bodily fluids. In order to handle bloodborne pathogens, you have to…